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Gylt Makes Its Way to Nintendo Switch



Gylt Makes Its Way to Nintendo Switch

The horror game Gylt, initially exclusive to Google’s Stadia, has made its way to the Nintendo Switch. This game, developed by Tequila Works, is now available for digital purchase, with a physical version set to release in May. Gylt takes players on a journey with Sally, an 11-year-old girl searching for her missing cousin, Emily. Sally’s quest leads her through a twisted and perilous version of her town, filled with puzzles and eerie challenges.

Tequila Works has drawn inspiration from the iconic survival horror game Silent Hill, crafting a narrative that combines exploration, stealth, and puzzle-solving. Players must navigate Sally through dangerous encounters with bizarre creatures, using their wits to progress. Despite its horror elements, Gylt is not just for children; it offers a tense and unsettling experience that can appeal to a broader audience.

The game’s transition to the Nintendo Switch marks a significant expansion, as Gylt has previously broadened its availability to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S following Stadia’s closure. This move allows a wider audience to experience the unique blend of horror, storytelling, and puzzle-solving that Gylt offers.

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Gylt is priced at $29.99 on the Nintendo eShop for those interested in diving into this haunting adventure. Its arrival on the Switch brings a former Stadia exclusive to a new platform and enriches the Switch’s library with a distinct and engaging horror experience.