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Mario’s Influence on World Culture: How Did This Character Change the World?



Super Mario

Who hasn’t heard about the famous game Super Mario and its main character? This game has given many people a beautiful childhood, a storm of emotions and unforgettable memories. This entertainment brings emotions not only to children but also to adults. But that is not all! This game has also influenced the world as a whole and different industries. Continue reading this article to learn more about it.

Who is Mario and the History of His Creation

Mario is the main character of the worldwide popular game Super Mario. This character is a small plumber who lives in the mushroom kingdom. This game has come a long way in its creation. Only a few people know, but at first, the main character was the sailor Popeye. However, the developers decided to replace the character with another due to licensing problems. Then a man appeared whose name was Jumpan and he was a carpenter. Such a hero first appeared in the game Donkey Kong in 1981. This was the first version of Mario. The hero had to overcome the stairs to save the girl who was in trouble.

After 2 years, the game MarioBros was born, where the main character was the well-known plumber. The main obstacle was the sewers, where Mario and his brother Luigi had to exterminate predators. However, the development of this game did not end there. The developers decided to send the brothers to the mushroom kingdom a few years later. There they began their battle with the walking buckwheat and turtles. The concept of the game has changed a little. Now Luigi has become a second-player character. This is how the world-famous game Mario was born. If you want to know more about this hero and new developments related to him, then visit  and read more about Mario and other games at Goomba Stomp.

Mario´s influence on the world

The Influence of the Super Mario Game on Different Areas of Life

The game Super Mario not only gave us a memorable childhood but also had a serious impact on many areas of our lives. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Game Industry

Since it is a video game, first of all, it had an impact on the gaming industry. Firstly, Mario is one of the most famous characters in the whole world, who is known to different generations. This game managed to win the hearts of millions of users thanks to its simple rules and fascinating plot. The main character has become a symbol of video games. Secondly, this game has become an inspiration for many developers to create their own projects. For many, this became an incentive to create something even “bigger” and more interesting. Many developers wanted to surpass this game, but they didn’t succeed. Thirdly, the creation of Super Mario was the result of the emergence of a new genre at that time. Therefore, it had a serious impact on the gaming industry.

Comics and Literature

Mario has become the main character of many comics. If anyone doesn’t know, comics are a story that is told through pictures. These are combinations of literature and fine art. Today there are a huge number of comics on the market that are dedicated to the well-known Mario. Such stories can be found in almost any language in the world. You can read a lot of works about Mario and the adventures of his friends. Such stories are presented not only in the form of comics but also in the form of entire books. These are works that were created specifically for children or fans of this hero. Additionally, you can find many books that tell the detailed history of Mario’s creation. Therefore, the hero became a real inspiration for the world of comics and literature.


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Film Industry

Mario is developed by Nintendo of America. Apart from the famous video game, they have also made their contribution to the film industry. You can find many films and cartoons where Mario is the main character. For example, Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyūshutsu Dai Sakusen!, Amada Anime Series: Super Mario Bros., The Wizard and others. But that is not all! Just recently a new cartoon, The Super Mario Bros.Movie, was released for children. As usual, the action centers on Mario and his friends, as well as the adventures they encounter. Therefore, the film industry also came under the influence of this game. Based on this hero, directors created many films and cartoons that captivate you with their plot from the first seconds!


Mario is not just a video game where you have to complete levels. This is a quality work of art that has influenced many areas of our lives. This little plumber inspired other developers to create new projects, the gambling industry, the film industry, as well as the creative field of literature and comics. Therefore, he should not be underestimated! This is a game that became the starting point for many large-scale projects. Therefore, it’s time to remember the old days and play it again!

Photo Credit: Unsplash