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Incredible Live-action ‘Uncharted 4’ short film, made with drone pilots, and done in one shot




One cinematic technique that has become extremely popular in recent years is the long take. Through long takes and immersive tracking shots, films and TV shows have given viewers the impression that they’re watching drama as it unfolds in real time. Done right, a tracking shot can be a genuinely terrific thing.

Video games and film make strange relatives: they are like distant cousins who don’t want to admit they are related, yet the similarities between the two are indisputable. Sometimes we like to refer to video games as interactive entertainment simply to clarify that they require direct engagement and dialog, versus passive media that simply require attention and consumption. The strange cocktail of difference and similarity when making movies and games has become blurry over the past two decades. While video games often take inspiration from movies, the same people responsible for creating the visual effects in gaming are also those who work in Hollywood.

The Uncharted series prides itself on cinematic presentation and sizzling, blockbuster-style action, with a mix of story and spectacle that’s been inspired by some of the truly great films of the silver screen era. Several directors have toyed with adapting the series to film, but so far nobody has been successful. In the meantime, a group of talented folk over at Freakin Rad put together this increbible live-action take on Uncharted 4. The entire short film was shot in a single take using a Dji Inspire 1 drone, with one person flying the device and another person controlling the camera.

Watch the short below along with the behind-the-scenes video. If you are a fan of the Uncharted series, you are guaranteed to love it. Enjoy!


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