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Avengers: Endgame Movie Trailer: A Shot-by-Shot Analysis

Did you catch everything in the latest Avengers: Endgame trailer?



Avengers: Endgame trailer breakdown

Today we got a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated Avengers: Endgame, and with it a bunch of teases and suggestions as to where the plot will be going. The trailer is relatively short, but it packs an emotional punch to us Marvel fans who have been with the cinematic universe since its inception in 2008, as well as fans of the comics. So, let’s start the breakdown!

*SPOILER WARNING for several Marvel films, including Avengers: Infinity War. You might not want to read this if you’re not fully caught up on the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. You’ve been warned!

Red and Black

The most notable element of the trailer right from the get go is the style choice of black-and-white shots with hints of red. It is a powerful and striking choice, and is reminiscent to me of a scene in Schindler’s List, which was entirely black and white with the exception of a red coat worn by a little girl. This choice emphasizes the solemn, severe, and dramatic tone of the film, which is to be expected after the supposed demise of half the population in Infinity War.

Many people are assumed dead, including some of our favourite heroes, in a shocking moment that brought many fans to the emotional brink (myself included), so it is no surprise that the footage and promotional material we have seen so far would play on that drama. It is noticeably the flashbacks from older films that have been given the black, white, and red styling treatment, with moments from Endgame presented normally. It’s also interesting to note that this is the first Marvel film trailer without the usual Marvel Studios logo. The stylised scenes are important moments from throughout the years, but there does seem to be a focus on three characters in particular: Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor.

I Am Iron Man

Tony Stark is seen in the desert after his crash landing following the escape from the cave in the original Iron Man, and we also see his original arc reactor. We also hear him narrating about how the events of Iron Man feel like a thousand years ago, and how he wants to pull off one last surprise for his fiance Pepper Potts.

I Can Do This All Day

With Cap, we see his very first visit to the army recruitment centre back before he became a super soldier, followed by him at Peggy’s funeral in Civil War. Peggy has some narration here too, which is interesting. We hear her speech to Steve when he visits her not long before she dies, when she tells him “None of us can go back. All we can do is our best. And sometimes the best we can do is start over.” This could have a much deeper meaning for all of the Avengers, as well as Steve.

God of Thunder

Thor is shown in Asgard with his father, Odin, from the original Thor film. The bright red of the flags in Asgard are particularly noticeable, followed by Thor’s iconic red cape. Thor himself narrates on how he saw so many die — but more on that in a moment. These shots make you feel that these particular events in these characters lives have truly meant something, as if it has all been leading to this, and for us fans who have been there since the very beginning, it feels poignant.

Heroes Fall

This moment is then followed by black, white, and red shots of the deaths of the heroes from Infinity War. We see Sam (also known as Falcon), T’Challa (Black Panther), and Wanda (Scarlet Witch) crumble to dust as Thor looks on in despair. The colouring of these shots makes this already pivotal and painful moment even more heart-breaking, and emphasizes the loss that was felt as we watched them turn to ash. Thor’s reaction is also crucial; though they have been edited together in this instance (we didn’t see Thor react to these deaths in Infinity War) it is still a sobering shot. It is likely that Thor feels guilty about Thanos’ victory, as he didn’t go for the head when he had the chance to take Thanos down. It will be interesting to see how affected he is by the snap, and to what extent he blames himself.

Hawkeye and his Protégé

In between the stylised shots, there are some other scenes that are worth having a look at. Notable absentee of Infinity War Clint Barton (Hawkeye) is seen teaching a young girl to use a bow and arrow. This could be his daughter, who we were introduced to in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it could also be a character from the comics called Kate Bishop. Kate takes on the mantle of Hawkeye in the comics, and is a member of the Young Avengers. Perhaps his daughter and Kate are one and the same in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If so, could she end up taking on her father’s role?

Friends to the End

The next shot we get is of Hawkeye in a moment with Natasha (Black Widow), the first time we have seen them together since Age of Ultron. They hold hands in the rain, suggesting their continued friendship has been cemented by the traumatic events of Infinity War. It could also suggest that something terrible has happened to Hawkeye. His new look and sullen expression could be suggesting that his family were victims of Thanos’s snap.

Not Us

We get a look at a black and white Cap with red gloves mournfully touching Bucky’s (The Winter Soldier) ashes as he says that he keeps telling people to move on, but can’t do so himself. “Some do, but not us” he says to Natasha. Steve’s stubbornness is clear here, as he is unwilling to give up on his fallen comrades and move on.

Side note: Natasha’s hair is longer and red again here, with the last bits of her previous blonde lingering on the tips. As a girl who keeps track of things like how long it takes for hair to grow, I can confirm that a fair amount of time must have passed since the moments in the previous trailer with her short, blonde do. It would at the very least be a few months, as her hair dye has faded at this point too. It is possible that footage with her short blonde hair was filmed to throw people off the scent, but I’ve given you some hair knowledge that I’m sure you weren’t expecting to get today. You’re welcome.


Scott Lang (Ant-Man) looks confused as he sees a bunch of missing people posters stuck to a lamppost. Not only has he successfully made his way out of the Quantum Realm, which we saw him get trapped in during the post-credits scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp, but he clearly has no idea what has happened while he was gone. He gets stuck in there during the events of Infinity War, just as Thanos snaps away half the universe, and this may have saved him. We know that Hank Pym, Hope, and Janet Van Dyne all got snapped away (at the worst possible moment I might add), but what of Scott’s daughter, Cassie?


We see a ship flying through the air in New York, and it looks very similar to the one at the beginning of the trailer, hanging motionless in space with Tony Stark trapped within it. This looks like Tony and Nebula have fixed up the ship, and managed to get it to Earth. We get further confirmation of this later, but more on that when we get there.

Suit Up

Black Widow and Hawkeye get suited and booted for…something. Perhaps a battle, or a mission of some kind? Hawkeye grabs Black Widows shoulder, and she holds his hand in response, so whatever it is that they are preparing for seems to be something dangerous if they are comforting one another beforehand.

Big Boom

I wasn’t entirely sure who it was that we see in this next shot, running down a hallway as an explosion detonates, but if you look closely you can see a silhouette resembling arrows on his back, so I’m assuming this is Hawkeye. I’m glad he is getting more time in this trailer. I really hope his character has an important role to play after he was nowhere to be found in Infinity War.

Rocket and Rhodey

Rocket Raccoon and James Rhodes (War Machine) look ready for a fight as Rocket perches on War Machine’s shoulder. Rocket is arguably one of the characters who lost the most in Infinity War, as all his fellow Guardians of the Galaxy perished. Gamora was killed by Thanos to obtain the Soul Stone, whilst Star-Lord, Drax, Mantis, and Groot were snapped into dust. Nebula, who wasn’t really a proper Guardian — but did join forces with them in GOTG Vol.2 — is all that remains, and she is stuck in space with Tony Stark. I’m interested to see how Rocket will react when he realises that his comrades are all gone. He knows about Groot, but not the other Guardians. Hopefully, he will be able to find some solace in the other Avengers — especially Thor, who he got on particularly well within Infinity War. A nice touch is that Rocket is in his classic costume here from the comics, taking his look back to his roots.

We’ll Do it Together

A few shots of the remaining heroes here suiting up include Ant-Man (in his tiny form and maneuvering through what looks like a dangerous environment), Hawkeye, Thor (with his new weapon, Stormbreaker), Nebula, Black Widow, and Captain America. Cap is most noteworthy here. He appears in his classic outfit, and is covered in dirt and dust, obviously fighting for his life, his teammates lives, and the lives of just about everyone who is left in this world. Will he make the ultimate sacrifice to save us all?

Whatever it Takes

One of the last shots of the trailer shows what is left of the Avengers in some brand new white suits with red trims as they march towards what is likely their lost shot at saving the universe. Captain America heads up the team, and we then see Ant-Man and Nebula. This is followed by Hawkeye and War Machine, and finally, Black Widow and Iron Man. We don’t see everyone here; there is no Rocket, no Thor, and no Bruce Banner (The Hulk, who has gotten very little screen time in general in the promotional material). What this does confirm is that Nebula and Tony do indeed make it back to Earth after being stuck on Titan. That’s assuming that the Russo Brothers aren’t messing with us, but I have a feeling that they will both be needed in the plan to stop Thanos and restore the galaxy.

The new suits also raise some questions. Rumours have been flying about the Avengers using time travel via the Quantum Realm to return to key moments in previous films to try and undo Thanos’ destruction; if this is so, are these special suits for their journey into the Quantum Realm to access the time vortex that was mentioned in Ant-Man and the Wasp? Possibly. But as we are getting very little in the way of footage (which to me is a great thing), everything is still up in the air at this point.

Captain Marvel

In a little scene at the end of the trailer, we see Thor meeting Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel). As they size each other up, Thor summons Stormbreaker, which flies dangerously close to Carol’s head. She doesn’t even flinch. Thor announces that “he likes this one,” and a beautiful partnership is born. Captain Marvel is sure to shake things up in the fight against Thanos due to her insane powers. I loved her solo film, which came out recently, so I’m looking forward to seeing her in action again.

The Avengers

The Russo Brothers have been keeping tight-lipped about Endgame, and for good reason. This may well be the last Marvel film for some of our favourite heroes, the ones who have been around the longest. I was 15 years old when I first saw Iron Man in the cinema. Now, at age 26, I’m still watching. It was the start of a journey that no one could have predicted, leading to all manner of unthinkable characters getting their own movies, and team-ups that once seemed impossible. I feel like I have aged with the Avengers, and watched them grow to the heroes they are now. There is a personal element to this film that I think a lot of people will also be feeling. One thing I am certain of is that I don’t think I’m ready to see how this is all going to end.

Avengers: Endgame is out on April 26th 2019 (in the UK we get it on April 25th. Yes, that is me bragging about that).

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