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Spider-Man: The Great Web Trailer Leaks Online



Spider-Man: The Great Web Trailer Leaks Online

In a recent turn of events, a trailer for a new Marvel’s Spider-Man game, titled Spider-Man: The Great Web, was leaked online. This game, developed by Insomniac Games, was designed as a service-based multiplayer experience, allowing up to five players to team up. Together, they could explore New York City, battle villains, and face the Sinister Six.

The leaked footage showcased a project that seemed nearly ready for release, featuring original narration by Yuri Lowenthal, the voice of Peter Parker.

Spider-Man: The Great Web promised an innovative approach by incorporating the multiverse concept. This would have enabled players to interact with various Spider-Men and customize them in unique ways. Although the game has been canceled, there’s hope that its concepts might appear in future Spider-Man titles.

The cancellation follows a shift away from service-based games, a trend initiated under Jim Ryan’s leadership as CEO of SIE. Despite the advanced state of the game’s development, as seen in the trailer, Insomniac Games has not stated the project’s cancellation.

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This leak adds to a series of Spider-Man game leaks, including a rumored trailer for Marvel’s Wolverine. While the future of Spider-Man: The Great Web remains uncertain, the leaked trailer has certainly sparked interest among fans of the franchise.