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‘Avengers Endgame’ Cap vs Cap Scene Breakdown



Spoiler Warning for Avengers Endgame!

Marvel Entertainment recently released a video on their YouTube channel going into detail about arguably one of the most memorable scenes from Avengers Endgame: the faceoff between current Steve Rogers (a.k.a Captain America) and 2012 Avengers Steve Rogers.

The fight occurs during the time heist segment of the movie, where the Avengers who still remain after Thanos’s decimating snap, travel into the past to collect the infinity stones and try to bring back half of all life that vanished from the universe. The time travel leads to current Steve crossing paths with 2012 Steve, who assumes that his doppelganger is Loki up to his usual tricks. An epic fight ensues between the two, culminating in current Cap knocking out 2012 Cap after distracting him by mentioning Bucky. The scene manages to be a technical marvel as well as a funny, action packed moment. It even manages to add some sentimentality into the mix with 2012 Cap getting angry at finding current Cap’s picture of Peggy Carter.  But what is fascinating about the scene is how it was created— and this video delves into it.

Ryan Penagos discusses the scene with Dan Leeuw, the Visual Effects Supervisor of Marvel Studios, who fills us in on a few interesting facts we wouldn’t know otherwise. For example, the cowl that 2012 Steve wears was added later on in the production after test audiences were getting confused as to which Cap was which. Another titbit was that almost the entirety of the scene is CGI, with two actors shooting against a green screen. Check out the video below to see the whole interview and find out more about the Cap fight.

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