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Star Wars Jedi Director Launches New Studio



Star Wars Jedi Director Launches New Studio

Stig Asmussen, the renowned director behind the hit titles Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and God of War 3, has unveiled his latest venture, a brand-new game development studio named Giant Skull. This announcement comes after Asmussen departed from Respawn and EA last year. Giant Skull aims to craft a third-person adventure game, focusing on narrative-driven AAA experiences.

Asmussen expressed his contentment with his time at Respawn, praising the team, the studio, and EA’s support. The idea of starting his own studio became an irresistible opportunity, evolving from a mere thought into a compelling reality. “It was incredibly attractive,” Asmussen remarked.

Giant Skull, based in the Los Angeles area, currently boasts a team of around 30 members, including veterans from the Star Wars Jedi and Fortnite development teams. The studio offers its developers the flexibility to choose their working location and method, catering to individual preferences.

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While the studio’s independence remains a key focus, Asmussen did not rule out potential collaborations with major publishers or first-party studios like Xbox or PlayStation in the future. “We’ve secured significant funding that supports our vision, but we’re also open to exploring partnership opportunities with global publishers when the time is right,” he stated.

This move by Asmussen signals a significant step in the gaming industry, promising exciting new adventures for fans of narrative-driven games. With a team of experienced developers and a clear vision, Giant Skull is poised to make a mark on the AAA gaming landscape.

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