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‘Animal Crossing’ Steals the Limelight with Fabulous Fashion Show



I have four words for you. Animal Crossing Fashion Show. Just when I  thought the insane creations coming out of Animal Crossing New Horizons couldn’t possibly get any more creative too. When I say fashion show, I don’t mean a fan-made cute show for fun. Well, it is that but it’s also much more.

The very first Animal Crossing Fashion Show was actually thoroughly conceived, organized, scored (yep, it even had a soundtrack especially made by Michel Gaubert), and appropriately edited and staged. Impressed doesn’t seem like a strong enough word. This awesome fan creation comes courtesy of Kara Chung- who runs an Instagram account dedicated to Animal Crossing fashion– and stylist Marc Goehring. Not only that but items involved in the show are inspired by brands such as Prada, Dior, and Louis Vuitton whilst designers such as Valentino and Sandy Liang have created in-game items. The fashion show was also presented by Reference Festival Berlina real-life fashion festival. Video games are truly taking the world by storm it would seem, even going so far as to infiltrate the high-end fashion industry.

The customization within Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of its most well-received features and this kind of event shows just how fantastic it is. The ridiculous amount of options for clothing- such as being able to customize hemlines or patterns- has attracted an audience that may not have been interested in video games beforehand. It is a testament to Animal Crossing as a game series but also to the changing nature of gaming in contemporary society. Could digital fashion shows within games actually become a mainstream thing? Maybe one day the gaming industry could expand to this kind of digital event. Have a look at the fashion show below and make sure to check out the creator’s websites in the links above.

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