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5 Tips Every Mario Strikers: Battle League Player Needs to Know

The two goals every player yearns to achieve: get some and break some.



Mario Strikers: Battle League Tips guide best strategies in the game

Heading to the field to rally up the crowd and have yourself an epic match? With the release of Mario Strikers: Battle League, players will be quick to realize how complex Next Level Games’ Mario sports title can be compared to Nintendo’s other Mushroom Kingdom spin-off activities. Before rushing head first into a match against locals or randoms, take a second and absorb a few tips from another competitive Mario Strikers player. These are five tips that every Mario Strikers: Battle League player needs to know before running onto the field–especially if you are playing online!

Lob Passes Can Be Intercepted

Like the actual sport Mario Strikers: Battle League portrays, it is completely possible to intercept lob passes in the game. If a player happens to be in close proximity of a receiver after an opponent performs a lob pass, there is a chance that the move can be intercepted by hitting either A or B. If the interception is successful, the player will gain a footing over the ball and be able to either shoot or pass it to a teammate. If the ball is not locked in front of the feet of a player, there is always a greater chance of taking it. The air time of lob passes may be hard to keep up with, but it is always possible to steal the ball.

Constant Tackles Come With a Cost

Yes, it’s fun to ram into characters with a tackle whether or not they have the ball but players should take into consideration what will happen if they repeatedly do this. Like the real sport of soccer, players will be (sort of) penalized for their aggression–or perhaps given a disadvantage is the correct terminology to use. Players who constantly (and successfully) tackle opponents will provoke a reaction from the crowd in Mario Strikers: Battle League. There is a chance that members of the audience will throw those being attacked items such as Invincibility Stars to assist them. There may not be fouls in the Mario Strikers series, but you will get what you deserve for breaking the rules of Strikers!

Mario Strikers: Battle League Tips guide, how to stop a hyper strike
Image: Nintendo

You Can Stop an Opponent’s Hyper Strike

The Hyper Strike move may be the most powerful maneuver players can perform in Mario Strikers: Battle League, but there is actually a way to intercept this seemingly unstoppable attack. The game never tells you this during its tutorial for the Hyper Strike, but all it takes is a well-timed tackle to stop an enemy player from using the move. If a player manages to collide with their opponent as they are amidst performing a Hyper Strike, there is a chance they can take them down and let their special ability go to waste. If a player is rushing to use their ability, remember this tip and rush right back at ’em.

Hyper Strikes Will Be More Effective When Using Items

Hyper Strikes already have their own power meter, but why not add more juice to the special move? While players should try and reserve Mushrooms and Stars for gaining the upper hand on the field, the two items can be combined into Hyper Strikes. If a player activates a Mushroom or Star before using a Hyper Strike, the move’s effectiveness will increase.

While the two items may not astronomically increase a Hyper Strike’s chances at scoring a goal, the extra power is absolutely worth adding on if the opportunity is open.

Image: Nintendo

There Are No Draws In Cup Battles

The time runs out and each team has the same score; of course, this means that means players should go to a sudden death match rather than shake hands and walk. In Mario Strikers: Battle League, teams that meet the end of a timer with a tieing score will be placed into a two minute overtime period called the “Golden Goal”. Like every other sport, a Golden Goal decides a winner simply by which side is first to score. In most matches, if neither team is able to score in the Golden Goal period the game will be declared a draw, however, the same cannot be said for Cup Battles.

Draws are not an acceptable way of victory when playing in Cup Battles–after all, having one would violate the standard tournament bracket structure! In Mario Strikers: Battle League, if a draw is declared during a Battle Cup match’s Golden Goal period, players will have to participate in a rematch. If a player is really struggling against an opponent during the last half-minute of a Golden Goal and wants to take a defensive position, they should never be afraid to! Settling on a rematch will always be a better second chance than feeling the pressure of having to make or break with a single goal for a victory.

Those are just five essential tips every Mario Strikers: Battle League player should know! To learn more about being the best player on the field, be sure to take a look at our guide on how to use perfect and advanced moves in the game.

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