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The Best Tweets About Nintendo Labo



Nintendo has announced a new build-your-own-accessories line for the Switch, dubbed Nintendo Labo. Or rather, they’ve somehow found a way to turn cardboard into video games. Seriously, the Big N can pretty much take any crazy idea and make money off it but this might be the most profitable idea yet, given that they are selling Labo’s two playsets made of fucken cardboard, at $69.99 (Variety Kit) and $79.99 (Robot Kit). Of course, Twitter had a field day poking fun at Nintendo’s new money-making machine, and some of these Tweets were so good, I just had to share them. Before I get to that, however, I should state that I honestly think Labo is genius. If you thought Minecraft and Pokemon on the Switch were huge, now Nintendo has found even more reason for parents to buy the already hot-selling console for their kids. Even from the short announcement video released today, there is a palpable sense of fun, invention, and potential in Nintendo Labo. It is a project aimed at children (and kids at heart, of course), combining a love for video games with building, creativity, and innovation. Anyhow, here are those tweets I promised. Enjoy!


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