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What makes digital marketplaces so appealing?




Long gone are the days when you had to take time off your busy schedule and go shopping. Some people still enjoy this experience, but many have embraced the simplicity of digital marketplaces. Shopping at such marketplaces is fast, secure, and in many cases – cheaper. This shopping model is especially popular among gamers who transitioned from physical to digital media and are enjoying the shopping experience at digital marketplaces like Eneba. 

Why should you shop digitally?

It’s way faster than a trip to the store. Need a new game? Jump online and browse a digital marketplace. You can do it on your phone! Buy a code and it will be delivered to your email instantaneously. Digital marketplaces also support various payment methods, from credit and debit cards to PayPal. Experiencing trouble? Contact customer support and they’ll resolve any issue. No more getting lost in the store or waiting in queues. Just a few clicks and your game is in your library. Fire it up!

How to save on games and consoles?

Let’s say you can’t afford or don’t want to spend your salary on buying new games every month because face it, a single game costs at least $70. And with the state of modern gaming, well, if you know, you know. What are your options? Well, the best bet is gaming subscriptions like PS Plus Extra, Xbox Game Pass, or EA Play, which for a small monthly fee lets you play hundreds of new and old games. This option is great for parents and college students.

Gift cards are your best friends

For centuries (we’re exaggerating for dramatic purposes, of course), gift cards were treated like a bailout gift when it comes down to their initial purpose, but with the rise of digital entertainment, and especially digital gaming, these little tokens have become a sort of an alternative currency. Helping gamers get their hands on the latest releases, time-tested classics, and ever-popular indie gems, gift cards have cemented their place in the console gaming market as a cheaper and safer alternative to direct payments. And speaking of cheaper, that’s where digital marketplaces come into play.

At digital marketplaces like Eneba, for example, you can find gift cards at lower prices, getting way more bang for your buck. It’s especially useful for console gamers, allowing them to snatch full-priced games or memberships on PSN, Nintendo, or Xbox Live storefronts. 

Oh, and by the way, they still make for a perfect gift, especially for gamers, when you’re not sure what to give.

More than just gaming

While we’re on the topic of gift cards, let’s not forget movie watchers, music listeners, DIYers, and shopaholics. The list could go on, but the bottom line is, there are gift cards for every need and every hobby. From Netflix subscriptions to Google Play and IKEA – if you need it, digital marketplaces got you covered with gift cards for all your needs!

Ready to shop digitally? 

With more and more big companies denouncing physical media, from digital-only consoles to the rise of streaming services, why should you be left behind? Shopping at digital marketplaces is simply faster, easier, sustainable, reliable, more convenient and so damn appealing. Not to mention, a lot cheaper. So how about it, ready to take the plunge and shop digitally? 

Adam loves gaming and the latest Tech surrounding it, especially AI and Crypto Gaming are his fave topics