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5 Best PS4 games You Shouldn’t Miss



Best PS4 Games

While PS5 is Sony’s latest gaming console, developers are still choosing to release games for PS4. Because of this, many PS4 games worth playing offer beautiful visuals, gripping adventures, and top-notch graphics. A huge library of games is available at your disposal, and gamers can choose which matches their taste or preference. However, today, we will list some of the best PS4 games on demand in 2024. 

EA FC 24

Apart from the new name and logo, EA FC 24 is everything you would get in the previous franchise, FIFA. The game introduces many subtle changes and vital gameplay improvements that will keep you returning for more. It consists of various game modes such as Ultimate modes, career modes, online gaming, etc. While the rebranding is not well received by many, it is still expected to be a number one football game over FIFA 23. 

In the future, we can also expect to see the emergence of cyber sports games where gamers compete to be the best players in the world with a huge cash prize. If you prefer excitement, you can also consider hobbies such as betting on cyber sports teams or FIFA players on the outcome of a match, tournament or event. You can also try your hand at kasyno bez depozytu, such games will allow you to play without depositing any money.

God of War 

This list would be incomplete without 2018’s God of War, an action-adventure series that took the world on a thrilling journey. The series is known for its captivating combat and emotional story without the camera cutting even once through the game. All the game offerings will challenge you with puzzles and beautiful graphics and teach you about Norse mythology. You are free to explore the world and unearth, allowing you to unfold various game layers. The game keeps inviting you to dig deeper and discover all of its goodies. The sequel God of War: Ragnorak is said to bring in more technical achievements that will keep you playing for a long time. 

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is a one-of-a-kind game that follows protagonists Joel and Ellie as they navigate life in a zombie apocalypse. It is widely considered one of the best games ever made and was crowned the game of the year at 2020 Game Awards. The game has a gritty and graphic campaign that seamlessly blends with an enticing narrative. There are several moments that will make you question the apocalypse and blow you away. The sequel Last of Us 2 offers a similar game experience but more violent and stealthy paths. This is one game you don’t want to miss, as it will indeed be talked about for generations to come. 

Ghost of Tsushima 

Developers Sucker Punch knocked out another popular game, Ghost of Tsushima, that received high praise for its gorgeous world. The game takes place during the Mongol invasion led by Khotun Khan, the grandson of the evil Genghis Khan. The protagonist, Jin Sakai, is the last samurai alive, and having studied the Samurai code, he needs to break it in order to save his homeland. It’s an open-world game where you can roam and discover different fighting techniques, powers, and tools to kill the antagonist, Khotun Khan. It has one of the most engaging stories that will take you on a journey as a Samurai until you win over the enemy. 

Red Dead Redemption 2 

If you ever want to know what it was like in the Old Wild West, Red Dead Redemption 2 will take you back into the past. It is one of the most immersive open-world game experiences; you may have to pinch yourself that it’s not real. After GTA, Rockstar Games created this masterpiece, attracting billions of gamers worldwide. Some of the unique and exciting things you can do are:

  • Fishing,
  • Bond with your horse,
  • Bring a jacket,
  • Hijack trains,
  • Interacts with NCPs,
  • Hunt,
  • Get a haircut.

You can do these things as you explore the game and soak in the beauty of the untamed West. It has a beautiful storyline which can take you weeks or months to complete. 

Amongst the many games out there, these 5 PS4 games are our top picks as they will cater to all types of players. We hope you will find these games exciting and try them; we know that you will be satisfied. 

How do you like the this list? Let us know and keep gaming 😉