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Uncovering Hidden Gems on Game Pass You Can Play Today



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Every gamer knows about Xbox Game Pass, and how it changed gaming, so let’s just skip all the chatter about its benefits and shift our focus to showcase lesser-known hidden gems, you can play on Xbox Game Pass today. And, oh, there are plenty!

With the price of Xbox Game Pass, you get access to the ever-expanding library of games. You have all your heavy hitters with Xbox classics like Halo, Gears of War, the Forza games, and new additions in Starfield, but on the other side spectrum, there are indie masterpieces that might have slipped your gaze. So let’s take a look, shall we?

A Journey of Emotions and Discovery

“Spiritfarer” stands out as a heartwarming management sim that tackles themes of friendship, farewell, and what it means to let go. This game alone demonstrates the depth and variety that the service offers, extending an invitation to explore life’s final moments in a surprisingly gentle and nurturing way.

Culinary Narratives and Cultural Explorations

“Venba” is a delightful narrative cooking game that serves up a hearty story of family, culture, and the art of Indian cuisine. It’s a testament to Game Pass’s commitment to bringing diverse gaming experiences to a wide audience, allowing players to immerse themselves in a rich, culinary tale.

Whimsical Adventures and Photographic Wonders

“TOEM” encourages players to see the world through a different lens – quite literally. This charming photography adventure game captures the essence of exploration and the joy of discovering the beauty in the mundane, all presented in stunning hand-drawn graphics.

Mysteries and Dark Adventures

“The Last Case of Benedict Fox” dives into the darker corners of the human psyche, blending detective work with supernatural elements. It’s a compelling narrative-driven game that showcases the service’s range in offering both light-hearted adventures and more intense, story-rich experiences.

Dystopian Narratives and Futuristic Reflections

“Norco” is a standout title on Xbox Game Pass that delves into a dystopian future set in the post-industrial American South. The game expertly combines pixel art with a rich narrative, offering players a deep, exploratory experience within a meticulously crafted world. Its storytelling prowess is matched by intricate puzzles and a haunting atmosphere, making “Norco” a must-play for those who appreciate games that weave complex tales with environmental storytelling.

“Somerville” offers a different yet equally engaging experience. This game thrusts you into an intimate, story-driven journey in the aftermath of a global catastrophe. With its focus on family, survival, and the mysteries of an alien invasion, “Somerville” captivates with its blend of puzzle-solving and narrative exploration. The game’s art style and atmospheric design contribute to a deeply immersive experience, showcasing Xbox Game Pass’s commitment to providing a platform for innovative and thought-provoking storytelling.

A Hub for Discovery and Innovation

Xbox Game Pass is undoubtedly the Giga Chad of gaming subscriptions, with its ever-expanding library, day-one releases, deals, and discounts for subscribers, and a platform for yet-undiscovered developers to showcase their talent. Not to mention budget-friendly price for gamers, to experience this all-you-can-game buffet, for a lower price than a single game. But wait, it gets better! 

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