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This Elden Ring Demake Will Make You Wish the Game Was on SNES

While we’ve all spent countless hours playing the modern version of Elden Ring, this video will make you wish there was an SNES version.



Elden Ring Demake 64 Bits

Elden Ring has been lighting up every PlayStation, Xbox, and PC this year for an absurd amount of time that most of us probably don’t want to acknowledge. However, with its time in the sun mostly passed now, most of us have moved on to other pastures. Still, I have a feeling we’d all be back in a heartbeat if this project from 64 Bits was real.

The incredible demake takes the game back to the beloved graphical style of the SNES. With overworld sections that will remind you of Final Fantasy VI, bosses that look like a cross between Contra III: The Alien Wars and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, depending on the encounter, and dungeons that will take you back to your first time playing Chrono Trigger, this is one of the most impressive looking demakes that we’ve ever seen.

Revamping everything from the most epic and challenging fights in the game to the devastating traps and standard enemies and dungeons, this scaled-back version of Elden Ring looks like it would also be much shorter if it actually existed. Unfortunately, it’s only been made for artistic purposes by the fine folks over at 64 Bits.

Still, if, by some miracle, a playable version of this were to come into existence, we’d all be thanking the pixelated gods and goddesses of the game’s fictional pantheon that it did. Until then, enjoy the incredible video above.

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