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The Real ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Edibles You Should Try on Your ‘Death Stranding’ Binge

While climbing your way across America in ‘Death Stranding’ or ‘Metal Gear Solid,’ you may find yourself a bit famished and in need of resources.



While climbing your way across the ruins of America as Sam Porter Bridges in Hideo Kojima‘s latest spunky trip Death Stranding you may find yourself a bit famished and in need of resources that can be procured on-site. What better time to fill your appetite during the latest Kojima Production’s release then by testing out some edible products previously featured in the Metal Gear Solid series while on your Death Stranding binge in the coming days.

CalorieMate Blocks

“It is a well-balanced food. Because of that, it’s just perfect for giving your body the nutrition it needs in combat.”

Paramedic, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

The CalorieMate brand of nutritional Blocks was featured in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater as the very first product placement in the series that was not an advertisement for other Konami games. CalorieMate Blocks are energy supplement cookies that come in various flavors such as plain, maple, and cheese. According to Kojima himself, Naked Snake’s favorite CalorieMate Block is the chocolate-flavored brand.

In the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, the CalorieMate Block’s in-game model had been updated to reflect the latest flavor release at the time, Maple. For those living outside Japan, CalorieMate products can be found in standalone packages and various bundles all across Amazon for a small portion above their standard retail price point.

Regain 24

“Lightning in a black and yellow can! The only drink that can keep Snake going 24 hours a day.”

Drebin’s Shop, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Regain 24, or simply known as Regain in its home territory, is a Japanese energy drink containing a mix of caffeine and taurin that has quasi-medicinal purposes. It is ideal for those who may suffer bodily fatigue, febrile exhaustion, convalescence, nutritional disorders, loss of appetite, and those who are physically frail. While it may sound like a real-life recovery item, this consumable is just like any other caffeinated energy drink.

Regain bottles can be imported online, but it should be noted that the brand is difficult to find due to production being in limited quantities and the company is focused on selling at brick and mortar stores. Regain products can be commonly found today in chain drugstores located in Japan such as Daikoku.

Instant Noodles

“It’s cheap and can be stored for a long time. And besides, its delicious. Its like a miracle food.”

paramedic, metal gear solid 3: Snake eater

Instant Noodles are not as fast as the title may imply, but it still manages to get the point across. This is a dish containing noodles, vegetables, broth, and sometimes even various meats such as chicken and beef that can quickly be put together in three minutes or less using a microwave and warm water. The Nissin Ippudo brand noodles are often found throughout the series, but the majority of companies selling these dishes contain the same content. A large range of cheap and importable noodles from the company can be found here.

Bon Curry

“The now staple brand name comes from a combination of the French word “Bon” and English word “Curry”, hence the name essentially means “delicious curry.”

Model Viewer, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Bon Curry shares the same vein as Instant Noodles; a packaged curry dish that can be heated in a microwave in under three minutes that contain a wide variety of ingredients. Bon Curry was actually one of the first commercially available foods to be placed in a plastic pouch bag. These are common products that can be found in Japan at just about any local market or convenience store. Woah Japan has a large range of Bon Curries available to import.

Products featured throughout the Metal Gear Solid series may be common in Japan, but for the rest of the world, finding these collectibles and edibles in the wild can be quite difficult without online importing. With Kojima’s recent love for American products, the tables will soon turn with Death Stranding for the world. Until then, enjoy something that will be “pretty tasty” and strap in for Kojima Production’s newest realm of art.

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