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Super Mario 3D All-Stars Review in 2023



“Relive the Nostalgia, Make a happy Memories: Mario 3D All-Stars Delivers Timeless Joy!”

Hello, Mario Enthusiasts! I know I’m a bit late for this review because the game was released in 2020, and it’s now been 3 years since the game’s launch, but it doesn’t matter when you start; what matters is to start. So, with that said, I’m going to provide a full-fledged review of the game that lives in our hearts forever.

Nintendo has surprised gamers by releasing “Super Mario 3D All-Stars” for the Nintendo Switch. This special combo includes three famous 3D Mario games: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. These three games are highly regarded in the world of video games, and many people love them. “Super Mario 3D All-Stars” is like a time machine that lets you relive your favorite games and allows new players to experience amazing Mario games for the first time.

With this introduction, let’s dive into the main review of Super Mario 3D All-Stars that you’ve been waiting for. Read it till the end because it’s going to be amazing!

Super Mario 3D All-Stars Review (Pros and Cons):

To make it really simple, we’re going to provide a concise, easy-to-read review. We won’t complicate it with lengthy paragraphs. We’ll divide each point into pros and cons, making it easier for you to understand and enjoy your favorite game. So keep reading because I’m confident you’ll like it.

Some of the Pros of Super Mario 3D All-Stars:

1. Same Nostalgia Feel:

As mentioned earlier, Super Mario 3D All-Stars includes three classic 3D Mario games: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. These titles hold a special place in the hearts of many gamers, including mine. They were amazing and left lasting memories when originally released.

Why include nostalgia in the pros? Nostalgia is a powerful factor in the gaming world, and this collection offers a chance for both veteran fans and new players to experience or revisit some of the best titles in gaming history. Don’t ignore such a fabulous gaming experience.

2. Updated Graphics:

Another crucial factor contributing to the success of Super Mario 3D All-Stars is its updated graphics. This is something we can’t ignore!

The three fantastic games in Super Mario 3D All-Stars have been updated with top-notch graphics and higher resolution. They look significantly better than their original versions, with smoother character models and more vibrant environments that are truly eye-catching.

These visual enhancements breathe new life into these classic games, making them more visually appealing and accessible to a modern, younger audience.

3. Portability:

Our third pro on the list is portability, a critical factor for a smooth gaming experience.

By portability, we mean that Super Mario 3D All-Stars is also available on the Nintendo Switch, a hybrid console that offers both handheld and docked modes – a perfect combination.

This portability allows gamers to enjoy these classic games on the go or share the experience with friends and family on the TV. Yes, you read that right! The convenience of playing legendary Mario games on a portable device adds value to the collection and makes it more fun for players around the world.

4. Soundtracks:

No review would be complete without acknowledging one of the best features of the Mario series: the music. It has always been iconic and memorable, and its music holds a special place in our hearts.

The collection has preserved the original soundtracks of these games, which can evoke a strong sense of nostalgia. The music enhances the overall gameplay experience and contributes to the charm and atmosphere of these classic titles.

Now, after highlighting the game’s awesomeness, let’s address a few drawbacks that keep these iconic titles from being perfect.

Some of the Cons of Super Mario 3D All-Stars:

1. Limited Availability:

Nintendo initially marketed the release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars as a limited-time offer, which was disappointing for many Mario fans. While it might not be a major drawback, those who missed the opportunity to purchase the game during its limited availability were left disheartened.

2. Lack of Major Enhancements:

Although we discussed enhancements in the pros list, the game still lacks significant gameplay improvements or additional content to modernize the titles. This aspect might be disappointing to some players who were expecting more substantial improvements.

3. Limited Customization:

A smooth gaming experience often includes the ability to customize controls. Super Mario 3D All-Stars doesn’t provide players with the ability to remap controls, which can be frustrating for those who prefer specific button layouts or have accessibility needs.

Additionally, there’s no widescreen support for Super Mario 64, meaning the game retains its original 4:3 aspect ratio, which might feel outdated on modern widescreen displays.

4. No Super Mario Galaxy 2:

One of the most significant cons is the absence of Super Mario Galaxy 2, a renowned title in the franchise. While the collection includes some of the best titles, excluding this sequel is disappointing for fans who were expecting a more comprehensive collection.

Wrapping Up:

It was truly amazing to relive and review these iconic games, especially because they look better than ever. The drawbacks mentioned are relatively minor compared to the overall admiration these games receive. Whether you’re playing in high definition or experiencing them for the first time as a complete beginner, Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a real treat. Please share your views, and thanks for reading!