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Stardew Valley fans demand the addition of a missing feature



Stardew Valley, one of the most played farming games in the modern era, is missing some of features that players like to be added in game.

No, it’s not a freebie or any cheat codes to upgrade their farming premises. But it’s about something that has been a bit of concern for Stardew Valley’s fans. Well, the concern is regarding the birthday celebration of players’ characters.

Even the NPC of the game is given a specific date for celebration in the calendar, but then why not characters that players use? They put in so much work on farming and doing a lot of stuff in the game. Don’t they deserve one? Yes, we do!

Just like us, there are fans on Subreddit, Kokomo-Olive530, who originally started the debate on the topic. Where he noticed that farmers don’t get any birthday celebrations, which is unfortunate. And yes, everyone agrees to it.

There can be options included in it so that even players like us can enjoy the game to the fullest!

Keep reading to get more insights on the topic!

What Would a Birthday for the Stardew Valley Farmer Be Like?

Even though there’s no such official announcement for adding the feature from ConcernedApe, fans themselves have come up with a few ideas that can work well if implemented efficiently. One of the most popular ideas is to throw a party for fellow farmers. Yes, you read that right!

Fans are claiming that it can be a good idea to gather around places like Pelican Town Stardrop Saloon at a specific time, where everyone will gather, celebrate the occasion, and boost their special relationship.

And also, a few of the NPC’s visits can be seen at the party. The best part of all this is that the players’ in-game parents can also acknowledge their son’s birthday by sending them good wishes in letters. This sounds fun, right? I bet it does.

Even though we got a lovely way out for missing birthday features in the game, There are some other features as well that fans noticed were missing in the game.

For example, there is no mention of a wedding anniversary, even though you get married to a bachelor or bachelorette.

You can celebrate your day with folks, but there’s no official mention of it in the game, which is a little disappointing for the players.

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Furthermore, we hope developers can listen to the cries of fans and add this missing feature in future updates. But if you are someone who can’t wait for the updates, You can use mods because the birthday feature is exclusively available on it.

But for the console players, there’s no shortcut for them. You have to wait for official updates by ConcernedApe to get additional features in the game.

Wrapping Up:

So, that’s all from our side! Are there any other features that you noticed to be missing in Stardew Valley that can be a bit of a concern for players? Don’t hesitate to add it to the comment section. Lastly, thanks for reading!

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