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Fortnite Leak Reveals Exciting New Cosmetic Features for Fall Guys Crossover



The brand-new bean-shaped skin design is all over the internet, and it will be launched during the most anticipated crossover, Fortnite X Fall Guys, which will grab your attention for sure!

Fans can now use their creativity to build their own diversifying and unique avatars in the game because Fortnite, in collaboration with the Fall Guys, is launching bean-shaped skins for each character in the game, and trust me, it will be super cool.

According to the leaks, it is expected that this collaboration with Fortnite X Fall Guys will also bring exciting mini-games for players, and it has been rumored that it will be released on June 17, which is yet to be confirmed.

Still, we can expect that whenever this collaboration event comes out, it will bring huge success and excitement among the players. So, keep on reading because there’s more to the story!

Fortnite Fans Thrilled About Upcoming Bean Versions of Favorite Skins in the Fall Guys Event:

It will be exciting to see your favorite Fortnite characters in bean-form skins, but can we expect that this collaboration will bring bean versions of skins for almost 2000 Fortnite skins into the game?

Well, it will be astonishing if this dream comes true, but could we keep our dreams so high that they become impossible to follow in real life? This kind of discussion is moving all around social media right now.

Fans even say to keep their expectations lower because it is merely impossible to bring bean-shaped skin for every skin in Fortnite.

So, we are expecting that a few of them will be adapted for the event. And to confirm it, waiting for the official announcement is the only way we can know about the event and skins.

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Other than bean version skins, this collaboration will also bring in a few challenges, like a few obstacle-based games like Fall Guys, and by winning these challenges, you can win cosmetic items that are also newly launched during this event.

The cherry on the cake is the news that some of these cosmetic items will also be available in shops that can be purchased by players.

The plus point is that cosmetic items can include new styles or avatars for characters that players could unlock over time. Sounds exciting, right? I bet it does!

Still, we would recommend players to stay tuned to the official announcement to get the crux of the news regarding the collaboration or highly anticipated event.

Wrapping Up:

We hope we get good news soon for an astonishing celebration. And stay tuned to our posts to get the latest updates on your favorite games! Lastly, thanks for reading.

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