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Discover the Top 15 Rarest Fortnite Skins in 2024



One of the most popular games, Fortnite, comes with a lot of updates and rare skins that you can get your hands on. But do you have the latest rare skins that you can find exclusively on Fortnite in 2024?

If not, we are here to help you out by providing all the information regarding the latest Top 15 Rarest Fortnite Skins in 2024.

Sounds interesting? Keep on reading because it’s going to be a fun ride!

The Rarest Fortnite Skin: Unveiling the Most Exclusive Character Look:

Before starting our list, we’d like to talk about a Fortnite skin that is the rarest amongst all of these skins that you will see on our list, and that is the Aerial Assault Trooper.

It is so rare to find this skin because it has only shown up once when the season just started, and it’s tough to get your hands on it. Because you have to stick around for a really long time, then only you can get one.

There’s no shortcut or cheat codes for getting it, and only dedicated players can get this rarest skin as a reward for their dedication to the game.

What’s the hardest-to-find skin you can buy in Fortnite’s Item Shop?

If we talk about the skins that are really hard or rare to be found in Fortnite’s Item Shop, it’s the Rogue Agent skin because it’s the rarest of all. You ask why?

Well, the answer is simple because it hasn’t been in the shop since June 2018, which we calculate to be around 2,147 days ago, that’s a lot of days for sure!

We’d like to give special mention to one of the skins that has held the title before of being the rarest skin to buy in Fortnite’s Item Shop, the original Black Widow skin.

But this skin has recently been in the shop in 2023, so the Rogue Agent skin is now the only one to hold the title.

Top 15 rarest Fortnite skins in 2024:

Now, it’s finally time to move on to our listicles. So, hold on tight because it is going to be a long journey.

15. Kratos:

Kratos is one of the rarest skins to be found in Fortnite because it’s been two years since we found it in the shop. If you don’t know, Kratos is one of the most popular characters of God of War and famous mythology characters as well.

This time the need for the skin in the game increased, and fans are also depending on its return because the current season of the game is based on Greek Mythology.

Everyone is hoping it will return, and some of the miners even got hints for it to be returned again. If Kratos returns, it will definitely be a big surprise for everyone as it is considered one of the rarest and most popular skins in the game.

14. Rue:

Rue is one of the most controversial skins in the Fortnite item shop. Why? Well, back when it was released in Chapter 2 Season in April 2020, her clothing was seen as inspired by the Nazis. People around the world noticed its unique design. Some also said it was inspired by old French clothes.

And due to various difficulties raised during its launch, it no longer existed in the item shop, making it one of the rarest skins to be found in the Fortnite item shop.

Furthermore, there’s no hope for returning, and most likely it will never return to the shop because of controversy.

13. Eon:

This skin is the rarest for sure, but it’s not just the rarest skin but also one costlier item as well in the game. Yes, you read that right!

You can’t buy the Eon Skin because it comes within a special Xbox One S bundle. This skin especially comes with codes to get skin and other stuff in Fortnite.

This bundle used to cost around $249.99, which came out on September 27, 2018. And after that, it was nowhere to be found.

The people who purchased this Xbox One S bundle are now taking the opportunity to sell its codes online for over $1,000 each. And fans are forced to pay to get their favourite Eon Skin.

12. Reflex:

This skin has yet another chaotic past. This Reflex skin was not available in the shop, and the only way through which you can get this skin was by buying a special NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, that came out around December 2018.

But here comes the twist. In 2019, Epic games accidentally put the skin in an item shop for 1,200 V-Bucks. And since then, this skin was seen two times in an item shop.

To cover up the mistake, Epic games decided to give free Stealth Reflex to those who had got the Reflex skin by using the code, but if you haven’t purchased the skin by code then this deal is not for you.

11. Travis Scott:

Here comes our next hardest skin to be found or get hands-on in the game, Travis Scott’s skin. It was launched in one of the renowned events called Astronomical in Chapter 2 Season 2.

Because of the popularity, there were a good amount of crowds participating in the event, but still, it was the toughest job to get Travis Scott’s skin in the game. After the event, it was no longer seen in the game and never came back.

The rumour was that after Travis last controversial concert, Epic games decided to not bring it back. And since 2020, we never saw Travis Scott’s in the Shop, even though there was a huge demand from the players to bring it back.

10. Honor Guard:

Honor Guard Skin is merely impossible to get hands-on because to get this skin you have to buy an Honor View 20 smartphone. Yes, you read that right!

Can you buy a brand new phone just to get Fortnite skin? I mean, no one will until you are the biggest fan of this specific skin or you are super rich. Hence, this skin never came into the picture in matches or you can say it’s the rarest skin amongst all because it’s hella expensive!

9. Double Helix:

Again, comes a rarest skin, Double Helix, and it’s rare to find it because to get hands-on it you have to purchase a special Nintendo Switch bundle. This bundle comes with this rare skin and some extra stuff like cosmetic items and V-Bucks.

But even though you made up your mind to buy it after hearing it you can’t because it’s no longer available in stores. On top of that if you still crave to get this skin in your collection you have to buy it from the player that already owns it but it’s not a pretty good option, I would say because it goes pretty costly.

8. The Reaper:

If you are in the game for a really long time, you must be knowing about this super special and rare skin, The Reaper. It was special because you can get this skin by reaching Level 100 in Chapter 1 Season 3’s Battle Pass, which was difficult indeed.

This skin is a nod to Keanu Reeves’ character John Wick. But later on, Fortnite also introduced the official John Wick skin that created chaos amongst the players.

Even though we easily get to see John Wick skin in item shops, The Reaper skin is still rare to be seen in the game.

7. Black Knight:

Black Knight Is unique and the rarest skin amongst all; only veteran players in the game got hold of it. Well, Black Knight was a special skin that was launched 4 years ago when the Fortnite community was pretty much on the smaller side.

Even so, to get your hands on this skin, you needed to reach level 70 in the first Battle Pass in 2017, which was quite tough for that time. Hence, the number of people having this rare skin is quite low, and getting it now is nearly impossible.

6. Galaxy:

This was a really glamorous skin, why? Well, because it was exclusively available for Samsung Galaxy users! Yeah, I know it seems like an advertisement, and it was kind of like that, you can say.

When Samsung launched its Galaxy version phones, we got to see this exclusive skin on Fortnite, but it was only available for Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4 users, which sounds really unfair, I know, but the best thing is it was soon replaced by the Glow Skin in 2019, which is not rare to find.

5. Renegade Raider:

Renegade Raider is one of the veteran skins in Fortnite. It was pretty famous amongst the old players, and it was launched in the first season of the game itself. But getting my hands on it was not an easy task. To get your own Renegade Raider, you had to be on level 20 of the game mandatorily, and on top of that, you had to spend around 1,200 V-Bucks in the Item Shop.

If in the game if you still see someone wearing this skin, then you can easily assume that he/she must be a veteran player in the game and playing it for a really long time.

4. Aerial Assault Trooper:

Just like Renegade Raider, Aerial Assault Trooper is one of the veteran skins that were introduced in Chapter 1 of Season 1. But there was a big difference like to get a hand on Aerial Assault Trooper you just need to get level 15 and spend the same amount as Renegade Raider skin, 1,200 V-Bucks in the Item Shop.

Even though we are a bit more lenient towards getting this skin. People tend to approach the Renegade Raider skin as it was way more popular in its field. Hence making Aerial Assault Trooper lesser-known or the rarest skin amongst all.

3. Royale Bomber:

Here comes another costly rare skin on our list, Royale Bomber. As said, the skin was exclusively available for the PlayStation 4 x Fortnite bundle that was released in 2018, and afterwards it was seen as a DualShock 4 controller bundle.

So, for now it’s merely impossible to get your hands on this witty skin because these bundles are no longer available in item shops. But don’t get disheartened because there’s a much better skin available in games that are easily available in item shops.

2. World Warrior:

This skin has the most fans in Fortnite because it has been seen in the Fortnite World Cup which happened in 2019 and since then there’s no view on it. People are strongly anticipating its comeback in other world cup events, but this never happened and only skins like Fishstick inspired from World Cup Style have been in the picture that are common to people and sometimes seen in item shops as well.

But the World Warrior skin that is expected to come never came and became the rarest skin ever seen.

1. Rogue Agent:

Last but not least, the rarest skin on our list is Rogue Agent that had been introduced in Chapter 1 Season 3 in 2018. It was part of a starter pack that you can buy for $4.99, which was not much for that time. And for a big surprise, it was available for 77 days after its release but no one guessed that it would vanish from the game after keeping it for so long.

It was a special and most beloved skin not because it was unique but because it was affordable; you can easily buy the skin with V-bucks and don’t actually need to spend your penny for a Rogue Agent as you need for other starter pack skins in the list. The saddest part was never since then and till now there’s no news of return making it a beloved rarest skin on our list.

Wrapping Up:

I know many of you must be feeling nostalgic and quite emotional after reading our list of rare skins in Fortnite. We have tried our best to compile all the iconic and rare skins on our list.

Do let us know your favourite amongst them or if we have forget any of your favourite rare skins? You can share it in the comment section!

Lastly, thanks for reading and happy gaming.

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