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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Guide – Unveiling Gorge’s Secret Made Simple for Players



Hello gaming enthusiast, let’s dive into the enchanting world of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and encounter some cool stuff like Gorge’s Secret, which may be a tricky side quest for your first adventure in the vast universe of Koboh. But worry not, we are here to help you!

Here are easy-to-understand steps to follow at the start:

To Get hands Gorge’s Secret:

• First, use Mind Trick on Derelict Dam’s Trontoshell.

• Then climb into its tusk to reach Winding Ravine.

• Lastly, open the chest for the sweetest rewards.

For Fast-Travel:

• First, utilize Southern Reach Meditation Point for quick travel.

• Then, run on the left wall’s steel surface.

• Lastly, climb vines to return to Derelict Dam.

For Preparation:

• Before following all these steps, visit Rambler’s Reach.

• Then, meet Greez in Pyloon’s Saloon.

• Lastly, progress in the story by viewing the Forest Array.

Want to get a detailed dive into Gorge’s Secret? Keep reading so that you will discover everything you need to know before starting on your self-adventure!

Unlock the Secret Rumor in the Gorge – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor:

As mentioned above, after giving a visit to the Forest Array and having a conversation with Greez in Pyloon’s Saloon, you have to keep going towards Rambler’s Reach.

To start your journey of discovering the Gorge’s Secret Rumor, you have to talk to the Prospector that will be near the back entrance of Pyloon’s Saloon in Rambler’s Reach.

Once your discussion gets over, you will see the Trontoshell will be marked on your map near the Derelict Dam.

Navigating Winding Ravine for the Gorge’s Secret Rumor in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: An easy guide:

To start your navigation process, you need to get to Winding Ravine in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, just simply use the Mind Trick ability provided to you on the Trontoshell at Derelict Dam.

This will help you make the creature lower its head, and it will let you climb onto its right tusk. The Trontoshell will then take you to your destination, which is Winding Ravine.

After getting to your destination, follow these easy steps to discover Winding Ravine and unveil the Gorge’s Secret Rumor in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor:

• Firstly, you need to jump down and go through the path until you find a fork. Then turn right and go towards a small cave.

• After entering the cave, run on the left wall to get to the other side of the cave.

• After getting on the other side, when you are about to exit the cave, run on the walls of the three stone pillars. Use all your strength to grab the rope and swing up to the high ledge.

• After swinging on the rope, turn to your left, choose whether to deal with or avoid fighting with the Gorocco, and then finally climb up to reach the area behind where the Gorocco is summoned.

• After Gorocco summon, use the Relter to glide to the area directly across from its direction.

• Once you get there, simply open the chest next to the zipline to discover the Gorge’s Secret Rumor.

And that is how you get your mission accomplished successfully!

Rewards Earned by Uncovering the Gorge’s Secret Rumor in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor:

After finishing your mission of discovering Gorge’s Secret Rumor in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you get an awesome reward like the Hunter Lightsaber Material set for your lightsaber. Sounds awesome, right?

But the question is how to use it? Well, to use it, you just have to open the chest by the zipline, then grab the set, walk straight to the Work Bench, then customize Cal’s Lightsaber according to your need, and pick the Hunter Lightsaber Material set.

And it’s not over yet! After accomplishing the mission of Gorge’s Secret Rumor, you also open up a location in the game called Winding Ravine. And trust me, this location is full of vibe, I mean awesome stuff to discover that has unique things to find and secrets to encounter in your next adventure!

Wrapping Up:

We have tried our best to comprehend the guide in the easiest manner to keep your journey really fruitful. Stay tuned for more such guides! Till then, happy gaming and thanks for reading!

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