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Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Connection Walkthrough Made Simple



Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Connection Walkthrough

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, the most significant part of your game is searching for dungeons or Jedi Meditation Chambers and understanding and solving different kinds of puzzles present in them.On the planet called Koboh, there seem to be seven Jedi chamber locations, each with unique things to explore and do.

And this guide will help you by telling you where you can search for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber of Connection and give you the easiest tips to solve its puzzles. Sounds exciting, right?

Don’t take your eyes off because we are going to guide you in the easiest way possible to solve your doubts in the game.

Discovering the Jedi Survivor’s Chamber of Connection: A Guide to Its Location:

To discover the Jedi Chamber in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, firstly, you need to rescue Zee to unlock the Lift/Slam ability.

This is the optional Chamber of Connection located in Viscid Bog on the planet Koboh, initially said to be a mere rumor. Unlike the Chamber of Duality, it is worth discovering for the perks and rewards.

After visiting the Viscid Bog, you have to find the yellow Zipline, then jump from the cliff and switch in the middle of the zipline to turn 90 degrees left.

Follow along it to the water area presented under the rocks, then go on to find a hook mark, use your Battling hook to climb it, and continue your adventure on the ridge to reach the entry gate of the chamber.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Easy Guide to Solve Chamber of Connection Puzzle:

Once the outer door opens for you, go and step onto the circular lift to go inside the Chamber of Connection. Then walk straight to the end and stand on the moving plate that will unveil a purple ball in front of you. Use the Lift beside you to pull the ball and place it in the given slot, that will create a unique purple flame that looks like a purple laser on the wall.

Now, you need to get help from the little droid. Use BD-1’s Koboh Grinder power to form a purple line of Koboh Matter from the laser. Try to draw it towards the left on the Vines to burn them all, that will create two ways in front of you.

Go right through the new opening you find in the way, climb it and then a steep wall with double jumps and do an in-air dash. There, you will encounter a treasure known to be Datadisc.

Then you need to exit the room by walking to the backside of the wall. You will reach a platform that has two movable plates; use them as long jumps to get there. Keep standing on the movable plates and close the water shutters.

And the next steps are:

Next, you need to draw Koboh Matter from the laser using Koboh Grinder and bring it towards the water path with shutter gates. You have to stand on the plates for closing the path, that will enable the matter to reach ahead without getting depleted.

Keep standing and don’t move off from the left plate until the Koboh Matter touches the shutter. Repeat this step for the other plates as well, and it will efficiently close the water path.

Next, you have to enter the path that is opened on the right, and you will find a Cosmetic Item: Persistence Emitter. Return and continue exploring the bigger Vines in the chamber.

For entering a new path, you have to walk on a narrow metal beam. Then climb up the wall, move left and right to reach the lower floor, and you will unlock the Shortcut at the gate.

Opposite to the gate, you will get to see an orb slot. Just jump down, draw Koboh Matter from the stairs to where you can see the orb slot is, then you just need to lift it and place the orb in its original place. This will create a solid bridge for you, for further progress in the game.

Now finally, draw Koboh Matter laser across the bridge and burn the last Vines present over there. Then you can move into the new room to finish your exploration and journey. And for your hard work, you will be rewarded with a new Perk, Recuperation, at the very end of your journey in discovering the Chamber of Connection in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Wrapping Up:

We hope this easy-to-follow guide will definitely help you in your journey of exploring the new world of Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Do let us know if you have any more questions regarding the game!

Lastly, thanks for reading and happy gaming!