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Star Wars Outlaws Sets New Standards for Space Combat in Gaming



Star Wars Outlaws Sets New Standards for Space Combat in Gaming

Massive Entertainment’s latest venture into the Star Wars universe, Star Wars Outlaws, promises an exhilarating space combat experience that’s both accessible and action-packed. Julian Gerighty, the creative director, spoke to Game Informer, emphasizing that the spaceflight mechanics are designed to be easy to grasp, ensuring fun and engaging gameplay for players of all skill levels.

In Star Wars Outlaws, players will navigate through cosmic dogfights and large-scale battles, showcasing the game’s expansive and dynamic space environments. Gerighty highlighted the importance of accessibility in spaceflight, making it a core component of the gameplay experience. The game features a responsive control system and the ability to use hyperdrive at any moment, adding to the thrill of intergalactic travel.

Further enriching the experience, Star Wars Outlaws also offers exploration opportunities through various space stations, each packed with side quests and unique characters. This adds layers to the game’s universe, providing depth and additional activities outside the main combat scenarios.

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The game is set to launch on August 30 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, and is highly anticipated by fans eager for a fresh take on space combat within the Star Wars franchise. Despite some controversy over its pricing strategy, the excitement for Star Wars Outlaws continues to build, promising a blend of action, exploration, and accessibility that could redefine space combat in video games.