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Sega Blames Super Mario Bros. Wonder for Sonic Superstars’ Dip



Sega Blames Super Mario Bros. Wonder for Sonic Superstars' Dip

Sega’s recent game, Sonic Superstars, faced tough competition from Super Mario Bros. Wonder, impacting its sales negatively. Executives from Sega pointed out that launching Sonic Superstars around the same time as Mario Bros. Wonder, which got better reviews and sales, was a challenge. Despite this, Sega is not giving up on Sonic Superstars. They are releasing new content, hoping for a turnaround in sales over time.

When Sonic Superstars came out last year, it didn’t grab the attention Sega had hoped for. Its sales were lower than expected, especially when compared to the success of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. This Mario game was highly rated and came out in the same week as Sonic, attracting a lot of gamers. Sega believes this timing played a big part in Sonic’s struggles.

However, Sega might be missing out on considering other factors. For example, Sega’s overall sales during the holiday season were down, indicating broader issues. Plus, Sonic Superstars was available on various platforms, unlike Mario Wonder, which was exclusive to the Switch. This raises questions about the actual impact of Mario on Sonic’s sales across different consoles and PC.

Still, Sega is standing by Sonic Superstars. They have been supporting the game with new content, like a free DLC costume released this month. Sega aims to boost Sonic’s sales in the long term and remains hopeful about the game’s future.

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Despite the competition and initial setbacks, Sega is committed to improving Sonic Superstars’ position in the market, hoping that continued support and new content will eventually lead to success.