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Skull and Bones Hits Second-Highest Ubisoft Engagement



Skull and Bones Hits Second-Highest Ubisoft Engagement

Despite launching without key features, “Skull and Bones” has captured attention by achieving record player engagement, Ubisoft reveals. This news comes as a surprise, given the game’s struggle to hit the 1 million player mark, which left many expecting a lukewarm response from Ubisoft. Contrary to these expectations, Ubisoft’s latest announcement highlights a significant achievement for “Skull and Bones,” marking it as a noteworthy success post-launch.

Ubisoft announced that “Skull and Bones” boasts over four hours of average daily playtime, positioning it as the company’s second most-played release. This level of engagement is especially remarkable considering the game’s launch challenges and the absence of specific sales figures or player counts. The publisher’s optimism suggests a strong future for “Skull and Bones,” with plans to expand support and content.

The game’s roadmap for the first year has been unveiled, promising more factions, activities, and new sea monsters, indicating Ubisoft’s commitment to the game’s longevity. Despite criticisms regarding its $70 price tag, Ubisoft’s satisfaction with the game’s performance is evident. The game’s start is promising, bolstered by post-launch content that includes seasonal events, new world events, and higher-tier equipment.

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Season 1, titled “Raging Tides,” introduces Philippe La Peste, setting the stage for future seasons that will continue to enrich the game’s pirate lore. Ubisoft’s efforts to maintain player interest through engaging content and updates hint at a robust future for “Skull and Bones.”

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