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‘Pokémon Go’ Adventure Week – Rock Event



Pokémon Go’s Rock event begins May 18 (4 pm EDT, 1 am PDT, 9 pm BST, 10 pm CEST).   The event increases the encounter rate of Rock-type pokémon, this includes the incredibly rare fossil pokémon such as Aerodactyl and Omanyte.

This includes all Rock-type pokémon from generation one and two. Even the pseudo-legendary Tyrannitar will be included, with its pre-evolved forms Larvitar and Pupitar. This makes Adventure Week a great opportunity to catch one of the best pokémon in the game. The Rock event also includes region exclusive pokémon, so if you live in the tropics, it’s a great time to catch a Corsola!

To help with the increased encounter rate, Poké Stops will supply more items such as poké balls and berries. This will aid in the ability for trainers to collect candy, to help evolve certain pokémon such as Onix into Steelix, which also requires a metal coat.

As a bonus, buddy pokémon will need to travel a shorter distance to collect candy:

  • 1km is now 0.25km
  • 3km is now 0.75km
  • 5km is now 1.25km

There will also be a new special item of clothing to commemorate the event: the Adventurer’s Hat. It is not yet known whether it will cost money, but during the Water Festival, the Magikarp hat was given away for free.

During the course of the week, poké balls will be 50% in the game shop:

  • 20 poké balls will now cost 50 poké coins
  • 100 poké balls will now cost 230 poké coins
  • 200 poké balls will now cost 400 poké coins

Adventure Week should give you plenty more reasons to enjoy the Summer weather and head outside. The Water Festival was noted for introducing shinies, particularly the shiny Magikarp and red Gyarados. It’s a reminder to keep your wits about you as more secrets could yet to be revealed, with the possibility of more shinies lurking around the corner.


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