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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 73: Nintendo Switch rumors, ‘Severed’ and ‘Super Castlevania IV’

Although Castlevania would be taken to a new level by Symphony of the Night, when you’re talking about the traditional installments —it really doesn’t get any better than
Super Castlevania IV. This week, we continue our October horror spotlight and discuss Konami’s fourth installment in the ever popular Castlevania series. But before we do, we set aside some time to discuss the recent Nintendo Switch rumors as well as the A Metroidvania adventure Severed by Drinkbox Studios. All this and more!



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00:00: Intro
01:00: Main Event: Nintendo Switch – the recent rumors
30:00: DJ Shadow – “Building Steam with a Shovel”
31:00: Severed review
40:00: Super Castlevania Theme Song
41:00: Super Castlevania review
60:00: Super Castlevania – “Bloody Tears”

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