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NXpress Nintendo Podcast #159: ‘Ape Out’ and Celebrating Two Years with the Switch



It’s been two years since we got our grubby mitts on the Nintendo Switch, and we haven’t cancelled the NXpress Nintendo podcast yet, so things must be going pretty well. This week Rick, Tim, Patrick, and guest host Marty Allen discuss how the loads of games and unprecedented flexibility have monopolized their time, and possibly even changed their gaming habits. It’s just neat, people.

Before all that gushing (yes, we know there are some areas that could be improved — so what?), Marty gives his review of Ape Out, a stylish beat ’em-up game developed by Gabe Cuzzillo that has critics raving thanks to its strong aesthetic style and flair. Expect debates about primate classification (we’re not zoologists), many comparisons to the work of Saul Bass (we are movie nerds), and a few jazz references thrown into the mix.

Throw in some more loose talk about the second Detective Pikachu trailer, references to film noir and Gone With the Wind, and you’ve got a jam-packed show! So what are you waiting for? Have a listen!

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LFXIV – NXpress Intro
Nintendosage: Why we are looking forward to Detective Pikachu 
Ape Out Theme Song
Nintendosage Part 2: Ape Out Review
Nintendo Switch Trailer
Main Event: Looking back at two years of the Nintendo Switch
Detective Pikachu Trailer

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