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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 123: Switch’s Stellar Sales and the Cardboard Craziness of Labo



Just in case anyone thought 2018 was going to be a normal year for the Big N, they followed up their Mini Direct by dropping a surprise trailer last week for one of their most bonkers (and possibly brilliant) ideas yet. The company that created software to be played using robots and bongo drums has now moved on to cardboard. Magic cardboard apparently, as we have yet to find out exactly how it works, but cardboard nonetheless. It seems no one can box Nintendo in, and this week Rick, Tim, and Patrick discuss the merits of Labo. How does it work? Will kids really be into it? And how on earth is it pronounced?

Before that, the crew pores over Rick’s in-depth article detailing some of the reasons the Switch has been so successful. From the mysterious introduction in an investors meeting to a Super Bowl commercial seen by hundreds of millions, there are a ton of reasons this console has moved more units its first year than any other North American release, and we dissect a few of the bigger ones. Before that, the guys talk about what they’ve been playing recently, including Darkest Dungeon, more of a certain game with Rabbids, and various backlog mopping up. For all this and more, have a listen.

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