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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 114: ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ and Mobile Animal Crossing



Super Mario Odyssey is a massive exclamation point on a banner year for the Switch, and this week Rick, Tim, and Patrick are joined by Goomba Stomp writer Marty Allen to revel in our first impressions of the bizarre and amazing journey Nintendo’s plumber is taking this time out. Sure, we discuss just how revolutionary Odyssey is, comparing it to Link’s adventure from earlier this year, but along the way, we also pick our favorite levels and characters so far, as well as express a few (very minor) nits. How do your favorite moments stack up with ours? Find out in this spoiler-free segment!

Before that, Rick and Patrick deliver their final assessment of the rip-roaring Fire Emblem Warriors, trying to sell the others on the insane slaughter and goofy dialogue they’ve been so charmed by. Also, we chat about Nintendo’s next big mobile offering, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Will this full-featured game take over our lives, or is it coming out a little too early, surrounded by so many other excellent releases that will consume our attention?

For all this and more, be sure to have a listen, and pay careful attention to how to participate in the Nxpress Podcast’s first giveaway!

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