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NXpress Nintendo Podcast #6: The Wizard and Mario Maker



The Wizard Podcast Review

Although e-sports have long been a part of video game culture since the early ’70s, competitions saw a large surge in popularity in 1989 when Universal Pictures-produced The Wizard, a movie about a trio of kids who make their way to a national Nintendo video game championship for a grand prize of $50,000. The Wizard didn’t go down as a timeless, cinematic classic, but it did develop an understandable cult following as the years went on, and this week we’ll tell you why. But first, we discuss the brand new footage of the long-awaited Mario Maker as well as the future of the franchise.

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00:00: The Wizard clip
00:15: Intro
01:00: Nintendosage: Mario Maker and the future of the Super Mario franchise
26:00: The Wizard trailer
27:o0: Main Event: The Wizard review
54:00: The Wizard clip 
55:00: Del tha Funkee Homosapien – “Proto Culture”
59:00: outro

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