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NXpress #11: E3 2015 special part one and the 2015 Nintendo World Championships

by NXpress Podcast
Nintendo World Championships 2015

In honour of E3, we decided to deliver a bonus podcast this week. Kicking off the show is our discussion of Masahiro Sakurai’s special video presentation for Super Smash Bros. and our opinion on the footage being leaked a day early. In our main event, we sit down and interview Jeff Hansen, the winner of the original 1990 Nintendo World Championship in the 11 and under category. And ending the show is our review of the 2015 Nintendo World Championship and our thoughts on Blast Ball, Earthbound BeginningsMario Maker and the upcoming amiibo for Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros. and more.


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00:00: Intro
00:30: Nintendosage: Discussing the Super Smash bundle and the hacker leak 
25:00: Street Fighter movie clip
26:00 1990 Nintendo World Championship clip
28:00: Main Event: Interview with Jeff Hansen, winner of the 1990 Nintendo World Championship
52:00: 2015 Nintendo World Championships Ad
53:00: Post Game Content: Review of the 2015 Nintendo World Championships
67:00: Earthbound music
68:00: outro

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