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Microsoft meets Nintendo: putting ‘Smash’ characters through the What-Dog site, because why not?



The fine folk at Microsoft have created a new app titled Fetch, which determines what dog breed you’d be, based on a photo you upload. It sometimes makes canny matches, but more often than not, gets things wrong. The app went viral in less than a day and gave the internet a whole new way to waste even more time. And now it is my turn.

We normally try to publish original, thought-provoking content here at Goomba Stomp, but with an intense cold snap across Montreal all weekend (temperatures dropping from -36 C to as low as -48 C with the wind chill), I figured it was due time I took my shot at Fetch, and as you may have guessed, I’ve put some of my favourite Smash characters to the test. Unfortunately, the results aren’t as interesting as I would hope, with some repeating and others completely missing the spot. Check out the results below. Enjoy!

Characters: Bayonetta, Cloud, Corrin, Ike, Link, Little Mac, Marth, Ryu, Zero Suit Samus, Shulk, Wii Fit Trainer and Zelda/Shiek.



Corrin  Ike 


LittleMac  Marth 
Ryu  Samus  Shulk  Wii Fit Trainer Zelda_Shiek

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