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Massive Profits From Palworld Beyond Our Team’s Capacity, Says Dev



Massive Profits From Palworld Beyond Our Team's Capacity, Says Dev

Pocketpair, the team behind the hit game Palworld, has found themselves in a unique situation. Their latest creation, a mix of crafting, survival, and “Pokémon with guns,” has become a global sensation. Since its launch in January, Palworld has attracted an astonishing 25 million players across platforms like Steam and Xbox Game Pass. The game’s success has translated into significant profits, with earnings reaching tens of billions of yen from a development cost of less than ¥1 billion ($6.7 million).

Despite this financial windfall, Takuro Mizobe, the CEO of Pocketpair, has expressed concerns about the company’s capacity to manage such immense success. With a modest team of 55 employees, the studio has decided against expansion, preferring to remain small and focused on creating multiple small games rather than venturing into big-budget titles. Mizobe has not ruled out partnerships or acquisitions but has confirmed there are no ongoing discussions with Microsoft for a buyout.

Massive Profits From Palworld Beyond Our Team's Capacity, Says Dev

The game’s popularity has not come without its challenges. Palworld has been the subject of controversy, including accusations of being a “Pokémon rip-off” and receiving death threats. Legal actions and investigations from entities like Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have been hinted at, adding to the game’s tumultuous journey.

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As Palworld continues to thrive, with plans to expand to more platforms and a roadmap filled with upcoming content, Pocketpair is navigating the complexities of unexpected success. The studio’s commitment to staying small amidst growing pressures and opportunities highlights a unique approach in the gaming industry.

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