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Palworld Surpasses 25 Million Players in Just One Month



Palworld Surpasses 25 Million Players in Just One Month

In an impressive display of popularity, Palworld has reached a milestone of over 25 million players within its first month of release, as announced by its developer, Pocketpair. The game, which has captured the attention of gamers worldwide, has sold approximately 15 million copies on Steam and boasts around 10 million players on Xbox.

While the game is available for purchase on the Xbox store, it’s also accessible through the Xbox Game Pass. This suggests that a significant portion of its Xbox player base may have come from the subscription service. Despite not providing specific sales figures for Xbox, the success on both platforms is undeniable.

Pocketpair has also highlighted the positive reception of Palworld on Steam, where the game’s user reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Out of 261,269 user reviews, about 245,848 are positive, translating to a 91% approval rating.

In celebration of this achievement, Pocketpair shared a post on X, committing to continue their efforts in fixing bugs and preventing cheating to enhance the gaming experience further.

The game’s rapid growth has slightly slowed down, but it still shows a healthy increase in its player base. Within three weeks, Palworld gained an additional 6 million players, with an equal split between Steam and Xbox platforms.

The community manager of Palworld, known as ‘Bucky,’ has advised players to manage their expectations regarding regular updates. In a post on X, Bucky suggested that players explore other games while waiting for new content for Palworld, indicating that the game isn’t designed to constantly provide new material.

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Palworld’s success has sparked discussions about its character designs, drawing comparisons to the Pokémon series. This has led to scrutiny from The Pokémon Company and Nintendo’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa, who are investigating whether Palworld infringes on their intellectual property rights.

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