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Sony Plans PlayStation VR2 PC Compatibility Coming This Year



Sony Plans PlayStation VR2 PC Compatibility Coming This Year

Sony has revealed that its PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headset will soon be compatible with PC. This announcement, shared on the PlayStation Blog, marks a significant expansion for the device, which was previously limited to PlayStation 5. The move is part of Sony’s broader strategy to embrace multiplatform offerings, as indicated by Hiroki Totoki, PlayStation’s new president.

The decision to make PlayStation VR2 compatible with PC responds to a strong demand from the user community. Modders have made some progress in using the headset with Windows, but official support will greatly enhance the experience, allowing access to a wider range of games, including popular titles like Half-Life: Alyx.

Sony is currently testing the functionality to ensure that PlayStation VR2 owners can enjoy a variety of games on PC in addition to the existing PlayStation 5 titles. While a specific launch date has not been provided, the company aims to achieve compatibility within this year.

This development is expected to breathe new life into the PlayStation VR2 by expanding its usability beyond the PlayStation 5 ecosystem. It aligns with Sony’s vision of a more platform-agnostic future, potentially increasing the headset’s appeal and utility for gamers.

The announcement has been met with enthusiasm, as it promises to unlock new possibilities for PlayStation VR2 users. By embracing PC compatibility, Sony is not only responding to community requests but also enhancing the value of its virtual reality offering.

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