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Pocketpair to Keep Team Small After Big Success with Palworld



Pocketpair to Keep Team Small After Big Success with Palworld

Pocketpair, the indie developer behind the hit game Palworld, has announced it will continue as a small studio. Despite the overwhelming success of Palworld, described as “Pokémon with guns,” the company’s founder, Takuro Mizobe, has said they aim to keep the team small and focused on creating multiple indie games rather than moving towards big-budget AAA titles. This decision reflects the studio’s commitment to maintaining its independence and innovation in game development.

Mizobe’s philosophy is that games are most enjoyable when played with friends, emphasizing the importance of multiplayer modes to stay relevant in today’s gaming landscape. Pocketpair’s approach to game design, which allows for taking risks and innovating, is attributed to its indie status, free from the constraints often imposed by larger gaming corporations.

Palworld has topped sales charts and set new records for concurrent players, outperforming established titles shortly after its release. The game combines survival elements with the charm of collecting and battling creatures, offering a unique twist with its inclusion of firearms.

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Pocketpair is currently exploring the possibility of bringing Palworld to additional platforms, with discussions ongoing about a PlayStation release. The studio is also preparing for the game’s first raid boss update, introducing a new villain named Bellanoir, and planning further updates to enhance the game’s experience and tackle issues like cheating.

As Pocketpair remains committed to its vision of staying small and agile, fans can expect the studio to continue delivering innovative and engaging content for Palworld and beyond.

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