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How To Access The Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring

“Gathering place of Tarnished champions, guided by Grace…”



A step-by-step guide to The Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring

As with many things in FromSoftware’s new open-world RPG Elden Ring, accessing the game’s main hub area — the Roundtable Hold — is a little obscure at first glance. With the game providing no immediate guidance, most players will likely stumble across this hub area seemingly at random after meeting the maiden Melina in the opening hours of exploring The Lands Between. Don’t fret, however, because this step-by-step guide will explain exactly how to access the Roundtable Hold.

Step 1: Meet Melina

Who is Melina in Elden Ring? - Gamepur
Image: FromSoftware

It is impossible to reach the Roundtable Hold without first having met the maiden Melina and accepting her accord. This can be achieved by resting at any three sites of grace in the overworld, not counting underground sites of grace or those within caves and tombs. The easiest way to do this, therefore, is to follow the Guidance of Grace that appears at the First Step site of grace which will directly lead to two more sites of grace nearby — the Church of Elleh, and then Gatefront. There are plenty of other sites of grace in the surrounding region but this is the quickest path to meeting Melina and thus being one step closer to the Roundtable Hold.

When Melina offers the player an accord, this must be accepted in order to proceed. If the accord is refused, it can be accepted at any time by talking to Melina while resting at a site of grace. Upon being accepted, Melina grants access to the spectral steed Torrent which will make the next part of the journey to the Roundtable Hold a little easier. There are now two distinct paths to discovering the Roundtable Hold, and fulfilling either of the following requirements will lead to guaranteed success.

Step 2: Option 1: Defeat Margit, The Fell Omen

Image: FromSoftware

Following the Guidance of Grace from the beginning of the game will lead to the terrifying first major story boss: Margit, The Fell Omen. Equipped with a wide variety of ranged and melee attacks that punish poorly timed rolls and give few opportunities for safe healing, Margit is definitely the tougher path to the Roundtable Hold without first exploring the map and levelling up. Regardless, if Margit can be felled, Melina will congratulate the player upon resting at the site of grace that appears in the boss arena and will offer to transport you to the Roundtable Hold as a reward for your troubles.

Step 2: Option 2: Leave Limgrave

Location of the Lake-Facing Cliffs site of grace, which can be used to access the Roundtable Hold

The much easier path to unlocking Elden Ring’s hub area is to rest at any overworld site of grace outside of Limgrave. Caves, catacombs and legacy dungeons do not count, but any other site of grace on the world map should work. Since The Weeping Peninsula does not count as being outside Limgrave, the two main options here are to travel to Liurnia of the Lakes or to the far more dangerous and hellish Caelid region.

To reach Liurnia of the Lakes from the beginning of the game, players must simply progress via following the Guidance of Grace from the First Step site of grace until reaching Stormhill. Then, instead of heading towards the Margit boss fight, continue heading north until reaching the large broken bridge with the finger-reading NPC on it and continue to the far edge of the bridge. There is a platform that can be jumped to from here, leading to a winding hillside path that circles around Stormveil Castle before eventually reaching the very back of the castle and the Lake-Facing Cliffs site of grace. This site of grace is the very southern point of Liurnia of the Lakes, and therefore counts as outside of Limgrave for the purpose of accessing the Roundtable Hold.

Alternatively, the path to Caelid is arguably faster but undeniably more dangerous. The fastest way to access the rot-stained hellscape of Caelid is to head due east from the First Step grace until reaching the Dragon-Burnt Ruins in Agheel Lake. In the centre of the ruins lies a small catacomb filled with rats and a treasure chest that seems innocent at first but is actually a teleporter trap. Activating the trapped chest will transport players to the Sellia Crystal Tunnel in Caelid. This area is extremely deadly in the early game, and the most sensible thing to do is leave the cave immediately by exiting the small wooden shack you spawn into and heading down to the cave entrance while dodging the various enemies that are digging away at the rocks in the mine.

Once outside of Sellia Crytal Tunnel, heading along the path to the left adjacent to the enormous Scarlet Rot swamp will lead to Sellia, Town of Sorcery. The Sellia Under-Stair site of grace is accessible from here, and this counts as an overworld site of grace for the purpose of accessing the Roundtable Hold. Caelid can be reached by other means, such as travelling far enough east from Limgrave to reach the Smoldering Church or Gael Tunnel, but the Dragon-Burnt Ruins teleport method is the most convenient due to being close to the beginning of the game.

And there you have it, how to access the Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring!

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