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Classic albums recreated using ‘Miitomo’



At its core, Miitomo is a social networking tool which offers the chance to get to know your friends a little better without allowing the entire world to peek into your private life. Nintendo’s first mobile app is slowly carving out its own niche in social media but only time will tell if it remains relevant. Even if it the appeal doesn’t last very long it is a strong start for Nintendo. It’s unique, which counts for something and full of charm as you would come to expect from the Japanese giant.

What makes Miitomo most fun is when people get creative with the app. Take for instance this ongoing project on Tumblr blog in which someone has recreated famous album covers using Miitomo’s Miifoto feature. Below is just some examples you’ll find on the blog including recreations of some of my all-time favourite albums such as Pet Sounds, Trout Mask Replica, In The Aeroplane Over The Sea and Abby Road.

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