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Choose Your Party: Ranking the Characters of ‘Chrono Trigger’ 25 Years Later

Few games in the sphere of classic RPGs are as beloved as Chrono Trigger. The love child of the minds behind Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest…



Who is the Best Character in Chrono Trigger?

Few games in the sphere of classic RPGs are as beloved as Chrono Trigger. The love child of the minds behind Final FantasyDragon Quest and DragonballChrono Trigger emerged from Squaresoft in 1995 as a fully-formed classic, and remains so a full 25 years later.

Certainly, its charming tale of time travel and a battle against fate is partly responsible for that but Chrono Trigger would be nothing without its stellar cast of warriors from different times and places united to save the Earth from certain destruction.

With that in mind, we’re here to rank what might be the strongest cast of characters in any RPG ever. But the clock is already ticking isn’t it? Why don’t we get started.

7) Ayla

Chrono Trigger’s weakest link is almost certainly Ayla. A cavewoman descended from the most distant past imaginable, Ayla speaks in broken English and is… shall we say, a tad unrefined as far as her manners go.

Still, her fish out of water scenario offers some of the best laughs in the entire game. From drinking contests to tests of strength, Ayla’s aggressive, silly demeanor makes for great entertainment and her quest to save the human race in the prehistoric period is one of the best sections of the game.

Really, being the weakest character in Chrono Trigger is like being the worst Beatle: even being counted among such a great cast is a compliment in and of itself.

6) Crono

Next on the list is the silent protagonist of Chrono Trigger, Crono. Now, I like a silent protagonist as much as the next fellow but when rating a cast this good, one of the easiest cuts to make is a guy who’s full personality is shown through cartoonish facial expressions and fist bumps.

Even without any dialogue, however, Crono is still a fantastic protagonist. Akira Toriyama’s fabulous character design allows Crono to be very expressive with his emotions, even without the benefit of the spoken word.
The way he silently draws his sword when provoked or stands up for his friends without a second thought is maybe all you need to know about the guy.

5) Lucca

Essentially the impetus for the whole adventure, Lucca’s transporter device is the cause of the rip in the space-time continuum that first sets the gang on their time hopping journey.

Smart, loyal and talented, Lucca is Crono’s girl Friday. She’s also the brains behind the entire party, often problem-solving and suggesting the next logical course of action for the party. An invaluable member of the group, Lucca is even responsible for resurrecting the next party member on this list…

4) Robo

A few hundred pounds of steam-powered steel, Robo is certainly the party’s quirkiest member. His entire arc basically boils down to always being the odd man out – after all, what’s a robot to do in the middle ages or prehistoric times? Blend in?

Yes, Robo is responsible for some of Chrono Trigger‘s funniest moments but he’s also charming, selfless and one hell of a fighter. No other character would, or could, work alone on a project for 400 years, only to rejoin his friends to save the world.  If that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is.

3) Marle

The other person who really jumpstarts this adventure is Marle. The royal princess on the run, and always looking for a little bit of adventure, when Marle falls through the rip in space-time it’s up to Crono and Lucca to save her.  This, of course, sets a dozen chain reactions into motion and eventually sends the crew on a journey to save the world.

Sunny, cheery and headstrong, Marle is the beating heart of the party and a girl for whom nothing is beyond the pale. Her undaunted quest to save Crono at the climax of the story provides some of Chrono Trigger‘s best moments, and her willingness to sacrifice for the sake of others cannot be questioned.

2) Frog

Chrono Trigger‘s resident warrior, Frog is a world-class knight who has had the unfortunate luck of being turned into a frog by the sorcerer, Magus. This hasn’t slowed him down one bit though, as he can still swing a broadsword like no one’s business.

Brave, honorable and courageous, Frog is an unstoppable force of a character. His quest to reforge the fabled sword, Masamune, and get revenge for his fallen comrade is arguably the strongest arc in the entire game, and the moment when he slices through a mountain in order to gain access to Magus’ Castle is one of the coolest moments in any RPG ever.

1) Magus

This choice may be a bit controversial but I’ve always been a sucker for the misunderstood/reformed villain type and Magus fits this trope to a tee. Initially set up as the main villain of the story, Magus is actually (much like Frog) on a quest for retribution.

A daring dark sorcerer with a devil may care attitude, Magus, with his soaring cape, devastating black magic and long-bladed scythe might be the most powerful character in the party. He’s also the epitome of style and a total badass, which, ya know, helps matters substantially.

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