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Behold the Perfect Quarantine Gaming Setup: The Gaming Bed

Bauhutte’s Gaming Bed is a quarantine video game godsend, providing everything you’ll ever need for the optimal gaming experience.



If you’ve been stuck indoors for a while now, chances are you’ve been spending more quality time with your games than before. As comfy as that might be, Japanese manufacturer Bauhutte finds that gaming isn’t always as easy as it should be. “Why is it so much trouble to wake up, get out of bed, and go to my desk to start gaming?” asks Bauhutte’s Japanese-language website. Thankfully, the company has stepped up with its own solution: the Gaming Bed.

Bauhutte’s Gaming Bed looks like everything you’ll ever need for the optimal gaming experience. It’s a bed, sofa, and gaming desk all rolled into one, with capacity for two large PC monitors at one end and a large plush cushion at the other. There’s two cup holders and speakers built in as well. On top of that, it comes with two shelves for you to store all your much-needed gamer fuel–sugary drinks, snacks, candy, chips, and anything else you need to fuel your games.

Check out some images of this gaming godsend in action below.

Along with the gaming convenience, you’ll also never need to hold your phone in bed again, since it even comes with a phone holder directly above the pillow cushion.

12. Gaming bed

Snacks are always within easy reach with the Gaming Bed.

12. Gaming bed

As over-the-top as this concept might be, Bauhutte promises it won’t break the bank. The website promises it will sell for about 120,000 Japanese yen, which translates to about $1200 USD. Not a bad price for the coziest way to game in quarantine.

As ridiculous as the gaming bed might seem, there’s a lofty goal behind it. Bauhutte’s website says its product will help its users discover “the life cycle of falling asleep comfortably while watching games and anime,” and that’s a mission we can certainly get behind.

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