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Understanding KEKW: Twitch’s Popular Emote Its Origin and Story



Hello to all the gaming enthusiasts in the streaming world of Twitch. Today, we’re unraveling one more secret behind one of the most popular emerging new-gen emotes on Twitch streams, the beloved KEKW. If you’re someone looking for exciting material on this topic, we’re here to guide you!

So, read on till the end to know everything about this exciting-sounding emote, KEKW!

The Origin of KEKW: Exploring the Source of Twitch’s Iconic Emote:

The KEKW emote was first introduced in a hilarious interview in 2007. A man called “El Risitas” was on a show, laughing endlessly due to a joke. Despite many fans not understanding Spanish, his infectious laughter made everyone burst into laughter.

This hilarious moment was discovered as an emote, making anyone laugh whenever they use it on a Twitch stream, KEKW.

The Story Behind the KEKW Emote: Where It All Started:

The story of the word “KEKW” originated from World of Warcraft; when a Horde player typed “LOL,” an Alliance player saw it as “KEK” in their chat (Don’t know why?). The “W” at the end of the emote KEKW stands for the commonly used facial expression “W” on Twitch (If you know, you know!).

The Evolution of KEKW: Unveiling the Story Behind Twitch’s Popular Emote:

As the title suggests, we are going to dig deep inside and provide you with every piece of information you need to know, even its story.

The fascinating yet undiscovered story behind the KEKW emote starts with a super funny YouTube video starring one of the popular Spanish actors and comedians, named Juan Joya Borja, renowned as the “Spanish Laughing Guy.” His video got crazy popular and viral for his hilarious laughter, which many fans found unique in its own way.

The Journey of Memes: How They Spread Everywhere:

The biggest role in spreading this viral fever of the KEKW emote was of people who made memes, and fans immensely started sharing these things in many places online, including one of the popular streaming platforms, Twitch. They cleverly used Borja’s funny clip, making KEKW a renowned symbol for laughter among gamers on Twitch.

Who Made KEKW? The Story Behind the Famous Twitch Emote:

Now that we know about its origin, story, and how it gained widespread popularity, the question remains: who invented the term KEKW for the first time? Well, to know this, keep reading!

Gamers who are hardcore Twitch enthusiasts argue about where KEKW came from. Some fans say AdmiralBulldog, a famous Dota 2 player who’s funny and entertaining, introduced it for the first time. But it’s still an assumption, and we are not sure of it!

As we mentioned, a lot of fans assume that AdmiralBulldog started using this emote in his streaming first. Because he is one who used it most of the time, many gamers got influenced and started using them as well.

On the other hand, some people say that xQc, another popular streamer, introduced KEKW first and made it popular on Twitch among its fans.

Whether it was AdmiralBulldog or xQc who introduced it, both of the streamers did the best work in popularizing the emote in their space according to me.

How to Use KEKW Emote on Twitch and Why It Got Banned:

After providing you with lots of info on KEKW, we finally come to the part where we will show you how you can use the emote on Twitch even if it got banned recently. So read on because it’s the most important info you should definitely check out!

The KEKW emote is one of the simplest emotes you can use on Twitch. But recently, in April 2023, the Twitch platform banned it for a while after Juan Joya Borja, the man whose laugh introduced it, sadly passed away.

But if you still want to use it, keep reading!To get this hilarious and funny emote, add a thing called BetterTTV to your browser. Turn on “BetterTTV Emotes” and “BetterTTV GIF Emotes” in the settings of Twitch. Then, just type KEKW in the chat to use it. It is as simple as it sounds. So, just try it!

As we mentioned, KEKW was banned just to honor Borja after he passed away. But surprisingly, it is back now. So now gamers around the world can use it and keep Borja’s laughter alive through KEKW, and what can be a better tribute to him and his infectious laugh than bringing his most iconic emote back to his fans.

Wrapping Up:

Finally, we’ve come to the end of our journey of providing information regarding one of the popular emotes, KEKW. We hope you enjoyed it!Do let us know, which is your favorite emote?

Lastly, thanks for reading and happy gaming!

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