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Top 6 Most Remunerative Games of All Time



Online Games that pay money

Anyone can make money online these days. Until a few years ago, that statement used to exclude people who play games. That has completely changed, partly because of online casinos and the legitimacy of esports as a career. So, anyone who loves playing games can access the highest-paying titles and start earning! Luckily, we have a definitive list of the most rewarding video games to play over the internet.

The Best Paying Online Games

Online casinos have turned the gambling industry upside down providing us with lucrative games at various remunerative levels. They offer casino games with the best payouts and bonuses on various topics for gamblers, which allows you to choose the most profitable game. An important aspect of online games is their RTP or Return to Player percentage. This number helps judge which titles will pay higher amounts over time. The RTP tells you the average winnings from a game. The higher the percentage, the more money to be made. For instance, a game with 95% RTP will return you $95 for every $100 you’ve wagered. This doesn’t entail always winning $95, though. It’s rather an indication taking millions of bets into account. With that said, let’s review 3 excellent high paying titles available for virtual gamblers.

Queen of Alexandria WOWPOT

This release from Neon Valley Studios adds a fun title to the Wowpot! slot network by Microgaming. It’s a game designed to attract people with an affinity toward ancient themes, as the attractive graphics showcase classic Egyptian symbols. It has a 5-reel grid with 10 pay lines, behind which stands the glorious city of Giza. The Arabic-inspired soundtrack adds to the experience, making this a fun game to play.

Queen of Alexandria isn’t a slot machine with a great RTP percentage, capping at 92.5%. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no money to be won here. This title has massive jackpots across every online casino where it’s offered. For instance, the jackpot at Caxino Casino currently amounts to 42,106,212 USD and it is still growing! LeoVegas also holds the Queen of Alexandria with a fixed jackpot of a whopping 8,919,882 EUR. Players may wager anywhere from $0.10 to $200 per spin, with higher bets granting more chances to hit the jackpot.

Irish Riches

Blueprint Gaming has released one of the best paying online slots named Irish Riches. As overused as its theme may seem initially, it’s a fresh and enthralling take bound to keep gamblers hooked. Irish Riches is an online slot game with 6 primary reels and 6 rows. It also incorporates the Megaways engine that grants more ways to win than standard slots. This title, in particular, offers 117,649 winning combinations! If the high-end graphics, captivating animations, and traditional Irish background music didn’t catch your attention, this should sweeten the pot a bit more.

Irish Riches has an RTP ranging from 95.02% to 96.42%. This is ideal for a high-quality slot available at multiple online casinos. Bets range from $0.20 to $10 per spin, giving everyone a chance to play. Even though it’s offered by different platforms, LeoVegas is the recommended casino to play it, considering its fixed jackpot of 3,574,697 EUR!

108 Heroes

Created by industry leader Microgaming, 108 Heroes is aimed at Asian themes’ fans. It is by far one of the best payout online casino slots with various helpful features. The courtesy of the bright red and gold colors and symbols, including martial arts characters, adds another layer of fun to its graphics. The background is designed to resemble wallpaper while the classic Chinese background music is as soothing as the gameplay is exciting.

The return to player payout percentage offered by 108 Heroes makes it worth at least one try. At 96.6%, it’s positioned at the higher end of the spectrum, giving gamblers more winnings over time. Such high RTP slots don’t typically feature jackpots, but 108 Heroes is a low-volatility title that grants smaller wins more often. This makes it perfect for beginners and gamblers with smaller bankrolls. The game can be played at leading online casino brands worldwide, including the famous Yukon Gold.

The Best Rewarding Video Games

Casino games aren’t the only avenue to get money via gaming. Another massive industry that’s risen in recent years is esports. The market is worth billions of dollars and keeps on growing. Prizes aren’t the only source of income since players also gain from streaming, coaching, advertisement, and even selling virtual objects, like skins in CS:GO. Let’s check which are the three highest paying video games.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Anyone even remotely interested in FPS games should know CS:GO. This free-to-play game attracts all kinds of people worldwide, and it’s the second highest paying esports title with million-dollar prizes. For instance, the 2023 championship held in Paris had a total prize pool of $1,250,000. CS:GO is so profitable that its top 5 players have amassed over six figures in winnings, with Peter “Dupreeh” Rasmussen’s whopping $2,180,000. Selling skins is another lucrative business for Counter Strike fans. The cheapest goods are available at a price of $0.03, while the most expensive one was sold for $160,000.


DOTA 2 tops the charts of highest paying esports games and has dominated for a decade thanks to its huge global fanbase. This “battle arena” game requires well-coordinated teamwork and skills, making it a fast-paced, competitive title. Its popularity was so high that in 2021 it broke multiple records for prize pools and individual profits. The top five gamers earned over $3 million each, while its total prizes exceeded $40 million! It sounds unreal, but it’s a clear indication of this game’s popularity.

League of Legends

League of Legends is another esports title with a massive global fanbase, very similar to DOTA 2 not just for its gameplay. It’s an intense MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), requiring precise teamwork to excel, though arguably easier than its competitor. The LoL World Championship is an event watched by millions every year with a prize pool of around $2 million. Though it’s not as big as DOTA, the higher number of tournaments held per year fixes this issue allowing LoL professionals to potentially earn over a million dollars a year. The top 50 players of the game are reported to earn over $500,000 per year, cementing its reputation as a profitable game.

Wrap Up

The world of online gaming is growing at an unprecedented rate, and there’s a lot of money to be made in online casinos and video games. However, they don’t guarantee certain profits though, so it’s wise to maintain realistic expectations. Esports, in particular, aren’t for everyone, require a lot of skills and practice meaning that only the very best make it. Conversely, online casinos are designed to offer everyone a method to earn some money more easily, though based on luck more than anything else. Check the games we’ve mentioned in the list for the best payouts, and you will get a return on your wagers in no time.

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