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The Obsession with Resident Evil Village Villainess Lady Dimitrescu Continues



We are back at it again with the villainess Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village today as the Internet’s obsession has yet to wane, which has led to even more awesome fan art, edits and memes. Another meme regarding the Lady has come to the fore- featuring her on the phone from a certain part of the game- so let’s take a look at some of the best new fan made content to emerge from this continuing obsession.

The Lady isn’t too happy with her new job working at Freddy Fazbear’s pizza with this edit from @TheofficialJugg. I think this is a pretty good mashup of franchises, seeing as the fans of Five Nights at Freddy’s fans tend to be just as-shall we say- passionate about the in game characters.

This video is doing the rounds online and I have to admit, it had me in fits of laughter when I first saw it. The video comes courtesy of @luulubuu on Twitter and it features Lady Dimitrescu- voiced by @ElsieLovelock– and Heisenberg- voiced by @Armand_Gman– arguing about UNO on the Xbox 360. The UNO Argument was a meme that  originated way back in 2012 after two players- @TheDeluxe4 and @YellingMadman– on Xbox Live were recorded having a rather heated debate as to whether one of the players had UNO or not. It’s amazing. As is to be expected, the meme has had several reinventions and this particular one features Lady Dimitrescu and Heisenberg arguing over it. There are some nice inclusions of “stupid man-thing” thrown in there. @lovejinkles and @tatami_DAZE also lend their voices to this wonderful skit. Nice work to all involved in this masterpiece.

Of course, I had to throw a BTS version of the meme in here. BTS member Jin calls the Lady asking for some photo cards. She seems unsure as to how to proceed. Just give us some photo cards, Alcina. Please. Shout out to @VminxYoonmin for this one.

The Lady is getting sick of the memes in this post by @Somecallmejon. Understandable.

There is something just wonderful amount Lady Dimitrescu’s expression- which is clearly why this image has gone viral- but I don’t know why this Splatoon mashup makes me laugh so much. I don’t know why, but it really does. Thanks for this @PufuuLive.

I live for this next mashup! A bit of Disney infusion now as @renemlem creates some beautiful artwork depicting the cat- Duchess- and kittens- Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz- from The Aristocats as Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters Cassandra, Bela and Daniela. This is such a creative mashup and so beautifully drawn. I love the adorable little demonic kittens with the blood around their mouths. Amazing work!

Another fantastic piece of fan art from @kimcando95. I really like the modern yet minimalist art style here. How are so many of you so talented.

@MarcosRC has created a mod which dresses Lady Dimitrescu as Kratos from God of War. Why not I guess? She still looks fabulous.

Now this is insanely epic. Twitter user @leslekieuart creates a crazily good piece of art called “The Destruction of Ethan Winters”, showing his hand getting ripped off and torn apart as it does so many times in the game. Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters also make an appearance in the piece. Astoundingly good artwork.

The actual face model for Lady Dimitrescu- Helena Mankowska- took to Instagram to show off some cosplay of the character. She looks incredible- as is to be expected- and it is cool to see face models for video game characters breaking the fourth wall in a way to bring their character to life even more so. Unfortunately for those who are a fan of the characters extreme height, Helena is not 9ft tall. Sad face.

Image Courtesy of Helena Mankowska on Instagram.

This next post is an odd but not unwanted mashup of Resident Evil, Naruto and High School Musical from @CalwWalker. I’ll just let this one speak for itself.

One of my favourite memes is the guy looking for clothes at the soup store and so this take on that from @snackalope_ makes me very happy.

I don’t even know what is happening here but this mashup of Team Fortress and Resident Evil from @SilentManJoe had me laughing out loud.

@BranDrawsThings shows us what would happen if Lady Dimitrescu was updating her social media during the game. Stupid man thing indeed.

A nice “what if” next from @DysphoriaQueen, the “what if” being “what if Lady Dimitrescu was a Twitch streamer?” Yeah. This is it. This is what would happen.

Again, this is highly accurate work @DoubleAgtSmith. I’m living for these streamer Alcina edits.

The Mitchells vs The Machines was one of my favourite films this year so as you can imagine, this is incredibly pleasing to me. Thank you so much @offbrandmage. Thank you.

Rigby and Mordecai from The Regular Show make a prank phone call in this edit from @daymona_. Honestly, I completely understand Alcina’s reaction. Damn punk kids.

Another amazing crossover piece of fan art, this time with Pokémon. I love this so much. I can just see the villains of Resident Evil Village as the gym leaders of some creepy, Lavender Town style city. Absolutely awesome work @LatterBug.

I do not even have words for this. Can we just appreciate CJ’s loving smile as he looks up at his statuesque love? Honestly, I’m really enjoying the love that tall, thick ladies are getting thanks to Lady Dimitrescu. I’m not tall but I am on the thick side so it is some much appreciated representation. Kind of. I mean, I guess for any 9ft tall ladies out there? This sounded better in my head. Shout out to @xdigitalpisces for this edit.

@CaptainHanyuu does not play Resident Evil and yet I can still see Lady Dimitrescu and Doug Dimmadome from Fairly Odd Parents hitting it off. Awesome fan art!

I have left the most relatable post I could find until last. As someone who had to work in a call centre for three years, I can confirm that this was me every minute of every day. Thanks for this edit @DullVivid.

Wait, there’s one more. This one is a little artistic study of the last post. It’s the facial expressions that make it all the more relatable. Brilliant work @tsulala

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