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Sony Job Cuts Reportedly Cancel Twisted Metal Reboot



Sony Job Cuts Reportedly Cancel Twisted Metal Reboot

Sony’s recent job cuts have led to the abandonment of several game projects, with rumors indicating that the Twisted Metal reboot is among them. After laying off 900 employees, or 8% of its PlayStation workforce, the impact on various game studios has become evident. British developer Firesprite, previously linked to the Twisted Metal project, has been significantly affected by these layoffs.

The gaming community had high hopes for the return of Twisted Metal, especially with Firesprite’s rumored involvement since 2022. However, no official announcement about the game’s development had been made. The layoffs at Sony have cast doubt on the future of this beloved franchise, which has struggled to maintain its popularity since its peak during the original PlayStation era.

Firesprite, acquired by Sony in 2021 to develop VR games, has not released any new titles since collaborating on Horizon Call of the Mountain. The studio was also rumored to be working on a ‘AAA narrative-driven horror game,’ but like the Twisted Metal reboot, this project has not been officially confirmed.

Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, has acknowledged the cancellation of multiple projects due to the layoffs but did not specify which ones. This has left the gaming community to speculate on the fate of the Twisted Metal reboot among other projects. Hulst emphasized that while creative experimentation is vital, not all projects come to fruition due to shifts in the market or industry.

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The uncertainty surrounding the Twisted Metal reboot reflects broader challenges within the video game industry, where rapid changes and economic pressures can abruptly alter the development landscape. As the industry continues to evolve, the future of many anticipated projects remains in flux.