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Playway Games Portfolio: Best Games from Poland’s Gaming Giant



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Poland is most well-known throughout Europe for its amazing economic reforms that completely changed the country in recent history. Thanks to the significant economic growth Poland managed to create an impressive tech sector. One of their meaningful export has to do with the gaming industry, as they have studios for creating video and casino games. There aren’t that many land-based casinos there, but you can find great operators on site and read in-depth reviews. This way you get to see what kind of bonuses are up for grabs, and which software company powers each online casino.

As far as gaming studios go the one that immediately comes to mind is CD Projekt Red, creators of The Witcher and Cyberpunk. However, there is another big studio there called PlayWay and they create amazing titles for PCs, consoles and mobile platforms. Here we will take a look at their portfolio and explain why they are poised to become an even bigger player on the market. 

Treasure Trove of Simulator Games

If you were to browse Playway’s published collection as well as upcoming releases you would notice one thing. They have an incredible assortment of simulator games. Simulators always had their audience, but they never got major coverage in the media like other AAA releases. Still, these are great games for education, and they can make learning new things incredibly fun.  This isn’t an easy thing to do, even for professional educators, let alone game developers. 

Playway has done a good job at cracking the formula though. These simulators feed you bits of information and gradually expand your tool set. So, as you encounter more challenging tasks you get to practice your problem-solving skills and learn new things along the way. Here is a snapshot of simulator experiences crafted by Playway:

  • Car Mechanic
  • Cooking
  • Train Mechanic
  • Tank Mechanic 
  • Motorcycle Mechanic 
  • Fishing 
  • Prison 

There are even other simulations like being a drug dealer, a thief, or even a bum. In a way, these games aren’t all about education. In a way, they are about different careers and life paths. They are good at creating games that allow you to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, but still do what you want to do.  

Building on Top of Simulations

A great thing about simulators is that their game engine is very versatile. So, you can craft or expand upon that experience and turn in it into a whole new genre. A great example of this is Autopsy Simulator which gradually becomes a great horror game. This just shows you know your audience. Most gamers would feel uncomfortable around dead bodies and their minds would naturally think about something horrific or eerie. 

Another great thing about simulators is that you can repurpose that content for bigger games. It’s possible to create an incredibly immersive world where your in-game character can choose various professions. Not only that but you can also learn new things, and your skills to progress through the story in different ways. It may sound too ambitious but if you already have the code ready to go it doesn’t seem as daunting. Nowadays, it’s even possible to use AI and expedite certain coding tasks, so who’s to say this mega project isn’t already in the making? 

What Makes Playway So Great

Source: Freepik

PlayWay has also created point-and-click puzzle adventures and tactical survival games. Some examples would be:

  • Hard West
  • Agony
  • The Way

They can adapt to many narrative genres and create a truly wholesome experience. They achieve this through the design philosophy. At the start, the whole experience seems grounded, but as you progress you start to realize just how much freedom you have, and what kind of things you can do with the toolset.  

For example in their Ultimate Fishing Simulator players get to enjoy an incredibly detailed game. 

  • You can explore multiple fisheries
  • Get new equipment and customize it
  • Explore different content during night and day cycles
  • There is also dynamic weather and even ice fishing
  • You can buy boats in order to reach different areas
  • You can compete in online tournaments with other players. 

It’s remarkable just how many elements are here and how much enjoyment you can get out of the simple concept of fishing. 

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