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NXpress Podcast #60: The N64, Twenty Years Later and the Top 10 E3 Games




It was on June 23, 1996, that the Nintendo last cartridge-based home console made it’s hotly anticipated debut in Japan. The Big N had ambitious plans for the system including revolutionary control mechanisms, cutting-edge graphical processing power, and an incredible library of games. From first-party juggernauts to the advent of new technologies, Nintendo’s 64-bit machine has earned its place among the pantheon of gaming platforms. This week we celebrate the N64’s 20 year anniversary; but first, we count down our ten most anticipated games from E3. Joining us once again is Goomba Stomp’s News Editor, Chris Souza.


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00:00: 90’s News Broadcast Clip #1
01:00: Intro
02:00: Top 10 Games from E3 2016
30:00: A Tribe Called Red – “Electric Pow Wow Drum”
31:00: 90’s News Broadcast Clip #2
32:00: Looking back at the Nintendo 64, Twenty Years Later 
70:00: 90’s News Broadcast Clip #3
74:00:Roll Credits

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