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NXpress Podcast 62: ‘Pokemon Go’ Extravaganza!



Pokemon Go Podcast

When Pokemon Go was announced last September, it was already being heralded as a landmark experiment in augmented and virtual-reality gaming. Pokémon Go is the first smartphone release from The Pokémon Company, and in less than a week after the release, the game has become a worldwide phenomenon to a degree that’s rarely seen in gaming. Created by augmented reality specialist Niantic Inc, the developer behind Google’s experimental AR game Ingress, Pokemon Go has consumed social media conversation, flooded into mainstream news reports and had an impact on the everyday life of many players, including us here at Goomba Stomp. Obviously, Pokémon Go’s biggest appeal is nostalgia but one of the biggest surprises is how Pokémon Go is helping turn strangers into friends. The social experience is everything in Pokémon Go. It’s the reason the game has blown up, and it’s the reason why we decided to dedicate the entire podcast to discuss our experience playing the game so far. This week we invite, not one, but three special guests: Pokemon expert Sarah Luger, Goomba Stomp writer Ricardo Rodriguez, and Ricky’s nephew (who he talks about all the time), Nathan Da Conceicao. All this and so much more!


Show Notes: Here are the links where Sarah can be found:


Pokémon Go Montreal Meet-Up:

The Silph Road:


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00:00: News Clip
01:00: Intro
02:00: Nintendosage: Pokken Tournament and the NES Classic
30:00: New Clip
31:00: Pokemon Red Theme Song
73:00: News Clip
75:00: Anderson Paak – “Come Down”

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