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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 232: Fujifilm’s Instax Mini Link and New Pokémon Snap



New Pokémon Snap Fujifilm Instax Mini Link

New Pokémon Snap Review

This week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, Cameron Daxon and Marc Kaliroff are joined by the one and only teacher, puppet master and, goth Tamagotchi overlord of Goomba Stomp, Marty Allen, for a photogenic smorgasbord of tangible and digital adventures. In the opening segment, Marc talks to the two about his experience using Fujifilm’s latest Instax Mini Link Nintendo Switch compatibility after receiving a review unit of the upcoming Pikachu Edition device bundle from the instant film company. Through quirky filters and a sentimental way of forging Nintendo memories in a nostalgic way, there is no doubt that those looking to print out some retro-styled screenshots will no doubt enjoy the magic of Fujifilm’s products.

In the main event, Cameron and Marty capture their thoughts on Bandai Namco’s latest New Pokémon Snap in a wide overview of their experience with the second entry in the on-rails picture-taking sub-franchise. With a Darwinized tale, adorable creatures, and new faces to discover, New Pokémon Snap is an expected comeback for a long-dormant albeit fan-favorite title. In the end though, perhaps we are all here just to vibe out with some Bulbasaur — and that is all that matters. To close things off with the Indie Spotlight, Cameron talks about his experience playing the scuba diving adventure game Subnautica: Below Zero while Marty checks in with the gang on his adventures over 400 days in The Longing.

For more of Marty Allen you can of course check out his website!

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LFXIV – NXpress Intro
00:40 – Nintendosage: Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Pikachu Edition
“Professor Rowan” – 
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
16:50 – Main Event: New Pokémon Snap Review
“The Lab” – New Pokémon Snap
50:00 – Indie Spotlight: Subnautica: Below Zero and The Longing
Results Theme” – New Pokémon Snap

Interested in seeing some of those photos Marc was talking about? Here it is below as promised!

Fujfilm Instax Mini Link Nintendo Switch

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