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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 103: ‘Splatoon 2,’ ‘Castlevania,’ ‘Arms,’ ‘Hey! Pikmin’ and A Day with Charles Martinet



This week on the NXpress podcsat, Patrick and Tim discuss Splatoon 2 and their experience participating in the recent Splatfest. Meanwhile, Ricky finally delivers his Arms review and Patrick fills us in on Hey! Pikmin. But before all that, Ricky shares his story about meeting Charles Martinet at Montreal ComicCon. Finally, we end the show with a review of the first season of Castlevania, the television show, which just premiered its first four episodes on Netflix. All this and more.

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The NXpress is a weekly podcast hosted at in which we discuss all things Nintendo. We stay clear from in-depth game strategies and keep things light. There’s plenty of nostalgia and feedback that will resonate with vintage game collectors; meanwhile modern games are sprinkled in and each week our show revolves around a central theme.