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NXpress (Best) Nintendo Podcast 210: The Greatest Nintendo Game You’ve Never Played…



Best Nintendo Podcast

Nintendo Podcasts Don’t Get Better Than This…

This week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, the original four hosts gather for one final recording!

That’s right folks, Tim Maison, Patrick Murphy, Aaron Santos, and Ricky D, all sit down to record one last episode and play one more game called THE GREATEST NINTENDO GAME YOU’VE NEVER PLAYED. You’ll just have to tune in to find out what all the fuss is about.

On a side note, we sincerely want to thank every listener and everyone who has guest-hosted the podcast over the past five years. It’s been a truly magical journey and something we will never forget. Remember, with every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. And with that said, please remember the NXpress isn’t going anywhere— moving forward, Goomba Stomp’s Games Editor Marc Kaliroff is taking over the show with our colleagues Cameron Daxon and Campbell Gill. And while and while we can’t guarantee all four original hosts will appear together on a single episode moving forward, we’re quite sure they’ll each take turns guesting the show from time to time.

“There are friends, there is family, then there are friends that become family. That is the NXpress crew.”  -Ricky D

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“Goodbyes, they often come in waves.” 

The NXpress is a weekly podcast hosted at in which we discuss all things Nintendo. We stay clear from in-depth game strategies and keep things light. There’s plenty of nostalgia and feedback that will resonate with vintage game collectors; meanwhile modern games are sprinkled in and each week our show revolves around a central theme.